6 Essential Benefits of Social Media Marketing for SMEs


Social media marketing has become an important tool in any marketing plan. Whether you are a sole proprietorship or work in social media marketing companies, social media lets you maintain relationships with current and potential customers.

In this blog post you will learn about the opportunities that social media marketing hides especially for SMEs and why you should not miss it. Here we go!

  1. Social media marketing is cheaper than traditional advertising

Small and medium businesses usually have a smaller marketing budget and a reduced marketing plan than large companies. That’s why they should use social media skillfully. Because they are comparatively a good alternative to advertise without spending an incredible amount of money.

Although creating social media profiles is free, successful care requires time and money. It’s an intense and long process from defining the strategy to creating posts. Because of the small budgets, SMEs can not normally afford a social media manager or social media agency.

But even if you spend four-digit sums (and that’s already an advanced budget!) For Instagram ads or Facebook advertising, social media marketing is still more cost effective than offline campaigns in traditional media like TV, radio or print. For a short 10-second spot on national television costs, for example, six-figure sums.

On Facebook, you can achieve very good results for your business with significantly less budget, if the ads are set properly.

On the staff side, social media can also help lower or keep recruitment costs low. Using recruitment platforms like Linkedin or Xing can save you a lot of money on publishing a job advertisement in newspapers. In addition, it shows your applicants that your company is active and present online, which makes it attractive to many, especially the younger generations.

  1. Social media marketing is easy and quick to apply

Social media marketing is quick and easy to use compared to traditional media. There are no long booking periods and production times as they are usual for posters or TV commercials.

Social media posts are created relatively quickly. To manage the individual platforms, you can either log in to each platform individually or benefit from one of the many social media management tools. Thanks to a clear editorial calendar you have all channels in view and can publish the same content on multiple platforms. This helps you save time.

  1. Social Media Marketing enables a direct exchange with your target group

One of the big advantages of social media is that mutual communication can take place. Once you’ve established a fanbase, you can interact with them directly and collect input on your products.

Maintain this relationship well and give your communication a human and trustworthy touch. Do not just try to make sales posts, invite to interact and share. Because you can learn a lot from your customers. What are your needs? Where do they move? Which demographic characteristics do they show? All this you can find out with careful consideration of your social media platforms.

  1. Social media marketing increases the number of visitors to your website

Especially when you run an online business, a high number of visitors is of great interest. And social media increases the traffic to your website. These clicks are especially valuable as they come from interested customers. Often they are even in the final stages of a purchase decision. If Facebook customers jump to your corporate page, it means more leads. And most likely more conversions.

It is therefore very important that you properly maintain your social media channels and publish current and relevant content. Remember to link to your website adequately and formulate a gripping call to action.

Furthermore, a thoughtful appearance on social media can also lead to better rankings on Google searches. As a research shows, there is a correlation between interactions in social networks and the Google ranking .

  1. Social media marketing enables a very precise target group approach

Especially Facebook advertising allows you a very detailed target group approach. Facebook knows its users very well – the amount of information on Facebook is incredible.

When you create Facebook ads, you can segment by various interests, demographics, and behaviors. This is an advantage that traditional advertising can not match. Keep in mind that with 2.13 billion active users per month, a very large number of people use Facebook today. So there’s a huge mass to turn to with your advertising.

  1. Social media marketing makes it easier for you to contact partners

You can also connect with B2B partners on social media platforms. Are you planning to cooperate with business partners or do you want to discuss with industry experts? On Facebook or LinkedIn, you get in touch with people you might not have met otherwise. Because they would be socially or geographically unreachable.


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