Augmented Reality App and Mobile App Development


When we think of future, we can’t imagine it without digital technologies, virtual reality and augmented reality, which merged with the real world. We can hardly ever think of child without gadget, and as the giants of digital market work on making digital devices cheaper and more available for common client, in a few years we won’t be able to imagine modern child without headset, glasses and other tools for playing games. Forced growth of gaming and entertainment markets gave a lot of steam to AR industry and mobile app developers. VR and AR mobile app development has a lot to offer for other industries, not only entertainment. AR technology in healthcare industry is expected to receive around $5 billion revenue from implementing VR and AR tech. Specially developed scanners help to find vein easily. Augmented reality is also extremely popular in travel industry, starting from visiting museums, ending with shopping in airplane. AR is going to change and bring advancements to government, education, healthcare, real estate industry etc. Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada Silver Solutions is ready to provide qualified launch of any project and fulfill it in right terms with the best result.

Mobile App Development – Ideas For Your Start

If you are a business owner or just have a desire to start working with mobile apps, here are some tips about popular directions of developing mobile applications, which you can consider and bring into life with augmented reality app development company. We’ve pointed travel industry, where using mobile maps combined with AR guide can bring you an awesome experience in the city exploration. Museums and theaters can benefit from using augmented reality tech, making their objects real. Talking about home interior, there are already apps which help you to define, what furniture to choose and where it will suit. You can also provide an app with possibility of wall painting, helping users to choose the most desired color. Such apps are incredibly helpful as they can calculate the quantity of needed materials. AR brings many possibilities for advertising and social media marketing, they can bring more engagement and loyalty to brands. It’s other way of shopping, when you walk with your gadget able to see price and products’ characteristics. AR tech transforms mall into amazing park for kids with virtual whales, dinosaurs and other entertainment. As far as you know, dating services are terribly popular all over the world, millions of people are searching to find their second half in internet. And idea of creating dating service mobile app is nice, both for helping people to meet each other and to get profits. Augmented reality app development company Silver Solutions has huge experience in developing apps. If you need simple interface and effective result – contact us.

Augmented Reality App Development And Mobile App Development – More Tips

After gaming for smartphones, the second most popular AR app development direction is medicine and healthcare. Users of medical applications can receive additional possibilities with AR. Doctors will b able to see 3D images of MRI and scans while talking with patients. Developing apps for landscaping is another good idea. Users will be able to see not only how things look like outside the building, but also calculate the costs of work. Statistics and analytics are those points, impossible to imagine without visualization. Data visualization is extremely necessary for business. It’s about interaction between people, exchanging information with tables, infographics and pie-charts. Develop an app – and you’ll be able to add another dimension to your data to bring it to life. With the help of AR it is possible to collaborate with overseas partners without necessity to be present in their office and to record the whole meeting with all virtual and written whiteboards. If you have startup ideas contact us.

Augmented reality and mobile app development company in Canada – – effectiveness and results for all your startup ideas.


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