How to Analyze the Phone Damage Using Power Supply HP


What is the function of power supply HP? Well, it is mainly to detect and analyze the damage occurred in your cell phone or Smartphone. In general, when your phone is shut down without reasons, there are two main factors for this. It can be caused by hardware or software. So, to check it, some methods are necessary to do.

You should install the wire first from the power supply to the connector of the Smartphone’s battery. There are 3 pieces of wire for doing this with orders of black, green, and red. The direction of the voltage is 3.6 V or it is based on the tolerance of 0.5V. The phone must be off and then you can push the on button. If there is no change in the ampere, it means that the damage is located in the hardware. Further tests are needed in the components of on off and battery.

However, when there is a particular change in the ampere for around 50mA, the problems are in the software areas. What you need to do is re-programming the software. It is possible also to upgrade the software.

There are around 8 ways to detect the damage using the power supply. But here, there are only 2 of them to talk about. First of all, it is the detection if power “on” is failed. The action you need to do is lifting the Pin 1 from IC UI. But if there is nothing to happen, the IC PA needs to lift and more. It should be done continuously until the power is turned on. But if it is still not turning on, it means that the IC should be replaced.

The other action is by measuring the on/ off switch by paying attention to the line. If all of them are OK, it means that the damage is placed on the Account. Heat it up until the Ampere is going up.


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