How to find love on the internet in the 21st century


Meet each other, look at each other, like each other, exchange a few words, have a coffee together.

For centuries these actions have been the prelude to every love story.

Then the internet arrived, and things changed: the evolution that revolutionized the way we met.

Chat, video calls, online chat rooms, virtual sex: the era of social media and the Web has opened the door to a new way of relating.

Love feeds on imagination and fantasy, so in some respects, virtuality is the perfect kingdom where a sentimental story is born.

If you are looking for a serious relationship and not just a fun pastime to fill up a few evenings, consider some things carefully, because if it is true that the matter is virtual, the disappointment that could come is real and will hurt.

Among the first things to consider, there is the possibility of running into false profiles. There are many, of all types.

There are the ugly ones who create a profile of bellocci to live a second existence, there are husbands who create single profiles to live the joy of getting engaged again and there are divorced without the knowledge of his wife.

Then there are those who invent villas that they do not have, cars that they can never afford, professions that exist only in their dreams, journeys they have never made, friendships with famous people they have seen only on the glossy pages of magazines.

In short, on the Net you can find everything and it is always good to consider that what appears is sometimes not.

Having said that, apart from behaving with a bit of caution, don’t fall into absurd paranoia, because the Internet is frequented also and above all by wonderful people, who without this means perhaps they would never have had the chance to know each other.

So put aside your reticence on internet meetings and create your profile on some social media.

Here’s how to get started:

Create your profile

The first thing to do is create a profile on the social media you prefer. If you want to find a serious and reliable person, you must be the first to show these qualities.

As in reality it is important not to give a false image of yourself.

If you find a chat person you are interested in, from the virtual meeting you will pass to the real knowledge, so think that as you would be disappointed in finding yourself in front of a man who does not correspond to the image you have made of him through chat, the same thing is worth for him.

Put real and current photos

Choose the ones that best represent you, especially those where you can see your face and your eyes well.

Avoid posting photos in underwear or poses that would be more suitable for an erotic magazine than a social network where everyone can access, including your real friends and the people you frequent for work reasons. The risk of finding you in embarrassing situations is very high.

Stand out

Thousands of people use the internet to find love, so the first thing to do is stand out from the crowd.

Even if you registered exclusively for this purpose, there is no need to write it openly: put yourself with the attitude of those who simply want to make new friends.

In the Web as in life, men tend to run away in front of a woman obviously looking for a relationship, and if they don’t do it right away, you can be sure that they will do it immediately after taking advantage of the situation.

Bring out your personality through posts and photos, make pertinent comments on things published by others, always be kind and correct.

In general, always keep a serious attitude that gives no reason to think that you are an ingenuous person that anyone can easily abuse.

Create profile

Enhance your qualities

Social media offers many opportunities to tell who you are, through photos, thoughts, quotes, movie sharing and music.

Express yourself, your tastes and your preferences without cheating, just so you can tune in to those who really have your same interests.

Avoid the temptation to show off culture, as in real life it serves no purpose except to give the image of a pedantic and arrogant person.

The qualities of a person and his knowledge in the various areas, however, emerge even without having to list them, show them off and constantly repeat them.


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