How to Improve the Performance of a Slow Computer (computer cleanup)


Computer cleanup is the process of keeping a machine clean, both in terms of hardware and software.With time, so much dust buildup outside and inside the device. It may be good to plan cleanups monthly or yearly, depending on environmental conditions such as whether one has a furry pet.

Why clean your computer?

There are several reasons why you should clean the software and hardware of the computer. Cleaning your computer’s hardware can help it work more smoothly and last longer, saving you time and money.Cleaning regularly protects both your investment data.You help your device function better and lower the danger of it breaking down by wiping the screen and emptying crumbs from the keyboard.

Dust and other unwanted particles can accumulate and suffocate the hardware on your computer. To protect your system from overheating and damage to the computer’s internal parts, regular cleaning of fan vents and case is key. Is it necessary to do it regularly?Give your PC a good cleaning at least once every six months to a year. This will ensure you don’t experience added stress and heat to harm its performance and lifespan.

How to clean the computer’s hardware

You should add a few critical things to the chore list after turning off and unplugging your computer to keep its hardware in good working order.

Wipe down the computer: At least once a week, wipe off the outside of the computer using a soft, dry cloth. Fingerprints that are on the screen should be removed. Do you wish to utilize a cleaning fluid? You can look for one that is mainly intended for the monitor type at your nearest computer store. Ensure the computer is dry before turning it on.

Clean the keyboard: Pick up the keyboard and turn it over. Now, gently pat the back to remove stray hairs, crumbs, or any other dirt particles. If you have trouble removing the sticky dirt, you can rub alcohol on the cotton swab.

Blow the dust out of the computer fans, vents, and peripherals: After every 3 to 6 months, you should consider opening the computer’s exterior. Using a can with compressed air, clean the dust that buildup around the fan and the case. Other means include running a check on the disk tool and power surges.

How to clean the computer’s software

Backup the hard drives: Backing the data is essential. You can store the data in a physical location like an external hard drive or store it on the cloud.

Get the antivirus software: Antivirus helps prevent malware and viruses from infiltrating the device and messing with data or stealing information that can identify theft.

Update the software and programs: It is essential to update programs, especially the high-use programs like Chrome, Adobe-reader, and windows, as they are vulnerable to malware.

Declutter the software programs: Delete all the programs you are not using on the system. Decluttering ensures that the computer does not get bogged down with unnecessary data.


Cleaning up the computer will not enhance the performance of the machine but also its durability. Both software and hardware are key components of the computer. Cleaning the software will help protect data. Hardware cleaning prevents permanent damage to the components.


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