Jump To the Front Of The Queue With Big Data Analytics Using Python

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One of the most sought-after skills in the market today is data analytics, companies value the ability to accumulate large amounts of data and analyze this data very highly, in addition to this, the data science course with Python teaches you to use open source software to create algorithms to present data through visualizations and incorporate data analysis in machine learning. This tool is an effective skill regardless of the industry you choose to work in. With this in mind, an immersive data science with python training program covers key principles of python as a data science tool. This course is great for both professionals who are experienced in python and those who don’t know about python as it covers a comprehensive crash course in python within the curriculum. The course is offered over a 40-hour instructor-led module and has hands-on training which allows you to comprehend the fundamentals of big data and data science.

What the Course is about

This data science with python course incorporates the key elements of an open source tool with data science. This permits all those enrolled to get a firm understanding of data analytics and data presentation through visualization. Professionals are offered the option of learning this course through two options – the traditional classroom and the immersive online classroom.

A unique course curriculum crafted by industry experts offers both immersive and in-depth training. The course initially covers a crash course on python before teaching you how to use it as an effective data science tool and finally how to incorporate it into machine learning.

During this course you will learn key principles like NumPy using python, the use of Pandas to solve critical problems, the use of pandas to analyze excel sheets, the use of seaborn as a visualization tool using python. The course also has a comprehensive overview of principles like jupyter and spark.

During this course you will learn important skills like connecting python to SQL, using plotly with python for interactive visualizations, understanding K means clustering. Furthermore, you will cover other principles that ensure you are able to support vendor machines, understand decision trees and learn to use the tool tensorflow. This course will impart the essential concepts of python that is used for data science that can be implemented through machine learning, this will combine using python for data analytics with using python as an open source data stream. Upon course completion, all graduates are empowered with the core principles of python as a data science tool. They will effectively be able to use python-based code to create visualizations by implementing tools like matplotlip, additionally, the course covers essential machine learning principles like linear regression, K nearest neighbours and Neural Nets.

Key Takeaways

The data science with python is a course aimed at professionals who are looking to add a valuable skill to their tech portfolio which will not only be useful but also will aid in rapid advancement and increase the likelihood of higher pay packages. This course incorporates data analytics, data science in machine learning and coding to create a set of unique skills useful in an array of fields across industries.

Why Zeolearn?

Zeolearn is the leading platform for education of data science using open source tools like python. Not only is it recognized by industries across the globe, but it also has a completely unique curriculum that has been created with the help of industry experts who are actively using data science for machine learning.


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