Switch To The Cloud And Enhance Data Security

Computer security concept. Virus in program code

Cloud computing is accessing shared system resources kept on virtual servers over the internet. Programs, applications, and file folders used to be downloaded or kept on individual computer drives or servers in the building in which they’re accessed. The cloud frees us of these physical burdens. Many activities happen on the cloud: social media, streaming TV or games, Google photos, and online banking. You might still be hesitant to switch to cloud for your business or for personal uses because the idea of your sensitive and confidential information being saved in an ambiguous, virtual location feels unsafe – especially if you’re still working off a traditional paper filing system! However, there are many security and cost benefits to making the switch.

Businesses can focus their finances on running their core services instead of tying up money in expensive hardware infrastructure, IT maintenance, or the space required for servers and rows of filing cabinets. For smaller, personal use, storage is often free and increases in increments based on need. Enterprises can update their software and run their applications faster, with the ability to scale up and down based on need, including sudden, unanticipated demand. There are many ways the cloud adds flexibility to one’s business and lifestyle.

If you’re curious, here are a few more good reasons to switch to the cloud.

Free yourself or your business from paper records and physical storage drives

Filing cabinets take up space and are easy for anyone to access. They’re often overflowing with information that could be used for identity theft. Ask paper shredding experts and they’ll tell you that information stored and stacked up in backrooms are at high risk for theft from the public or staff. These items can be accidentally thrown away during a major clean-up, renovation, or relocation. It’s important to regularly purge your office or home of unnecessary paperwork, old electronic devices, disks, CDs, and hard drives that are no longer in use. If you’re in the GTA or elsewhere in Southern Ontario, a certified document destruction company like Absolute Destruction & Recycling Corp. can come to your business with a mobile shredding truck for you to visually verify the safe and guaranteed shredding and crushing of papers and electronic hardware.

Work from home, in transit, or anywhere you’d like

If there is an internet connection available, you can connect to the cloud and access software, storage drives, connect to a voice or video conference, or share files. The information and activities you need to access could be on a laptop, tablet, or phone. Businesses can offer remote work opportunities to employees, increasing their flexibility and overall work satisfaction. Work/life balance is important for everyone, and productivity need not take a blow to offer it.

Private cloud servers offer extra peace-of-mind

If you have the proper protections in place that you need for any computer and network – anti-virus software, firewalls, quality password protection, etc. – a private cloud is an option that is similar to physical storage but with none of the hardware burden.

There are many other benefits to implementing the cloud for your business or personal use. This article from Wired also dips into software as a service and additional cloud benefits. If you do make the switch, or if you already have but you still have your previous paper and hardware systems stacked up in the backroom, be sure to properly shred and crush redundant files and old devices for extra protection.


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