The 5 advantages of Cloud Hosting that you should know


For some years, the world has not stopped talking about one of the most important technological trends of the moment: Cloud Computing. And, if you have been looking for hosting for your website or project, it is likely that you have also encountered this term: Cloud hosting.

In essence, Cloud hosting is nothing more than hosting (usually a web page) on a Cloud server, thus inheriting all the advantages that this type of server can offer. Here Cheetah Cloud present the 5 most important advantages:

What are the advantages of Cloud Hosting?

  1. Forget about performance problems
    A bad performance of your hosting can make you lose visits and sales. For this reason it has traditionally been very important to choose the size of your web hosting very conscientiously.

Cloud Hosting solves this problem in a very simple way: allowing you to increase the resources and capacity of your server whenever you need it. In many providers you can even automatically schedule extensions, so that your website or project always enjoy maximum performance.

  1. Ready and available in less time

Not many years ago, there were frequent high waiting times when a dedicated server was requested. Even hiring a shared hosting could entail a considerable wait depending on the provider.

Cloud hosting solves this and puts at your disposal the number of servers you need, when you need them. That your business has grown and you want to start a new project right now? No problem! Create the Cloud servers you need in a matter of a few minutes and start to be more productive.

  1. More personalization

Compared to shared hosting, Cloud Hosting not only gives you access to a web hosting account, but you have a complete server where you can host your website but also any other application you need. It is, in essence, having your own cloud dispatcher: always available and hosted in a professional data center.

  1. Greater stability and online time

Another of the great advantages offered by Cloud Hosting is its greatest guarantee of “uptime”. This is especially important when working on business projects that require high availability, which can often depend on failure or success.

A hosting in Cloud is not tied to a physical server and therefore is not affected by hardware failures. This allows suppliers to offer you, in a contractual manner, a very high availability guarantee.

  1. Save money

Finally one of the most important benefits: save costs and reduce your monthly bill. Thanks to the flexibility of Cloud Hosting, you will only pay for the resources you consume at any time. In business environments this feature is fundamental and allows you to have a more efficient accommodation that also takes care of your pocket.

And remember, if you ever need more resources (such as hard drive capacity or performance) you can hire them right away and pay only during the time you’re using them.

Which people can get most benefits from Cloud Hosting?

The advantages of Cloud Hosting are, in principle, applicable to all people as it is a type of accommodation that replaces and considerably improves the traditional hosting services.

However, the most benefited are users who make more intensive use and have higher demands. For this reason, Cloud Hosting is ideal for business projects that often require a high degree of stability, performance and flexibility to adjust, in detail, to the needs of your project.

The final choice can only be decided by you. Choosing the Cloud Hosting cannot be wrong, but still you must compare very well the features offered by each provider.


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