The Guide Buyers Should Read to Find the Right Legitimate Tech Provider of Friction Tests


There are many factors, considerations and even calculations that one should not discount before buying or acquiring any service related to testing the friction coefficient of structures. These factors must be considered deliberately and carefully. Without doing so, a company or person may be compromising a considerable amount of costs. They could pay more for friction testing technology. They could even lose clients and customers just because they didn’t invest in the right platform or provider. Therefore, this article will attempt some of the considerations that a person or company should prioritize before investing in tech related to friction tests.

Quality and Consistency

Experts from authority sources like Forbes would argue that customers always look for quality. They want the quality of any product also to be consistent. It’s not enough to serve the clients anymore. It’s no longer just okay to be good enough. The competition is tough. Every company must have a differentiator, and the best differentiator there is today is often quality. Before you consider the static friction or kinetic friction of any commercial product, look first for the kind of quality that the service provider has been offering all these years.


There would also be experts that would argue that great companies exist because of stellar leadership. Looking for a company that offers the tech, programs and services related to tests of friction in your infrastructure should start with leadership. Does the service provider have a good CEO? What are the news about the CEO? What are the scandals, mistakes, failures and stories of success and redemption that the leadership of the service provider have experienced? These are common questions that should not be forgotten when considering the best service provider of any kind of commercial technology.

Diversity of Offices

It may also help to factor in the number of companies and branches that the tech provider has. Does it have branches only locally, or is the company successful enough that it has, say, branches in U.S., Europe or Asia? If a company has been successful enough to branch out overseas, it’s a good sign that the company is foundationally strong. And it’s always a good idea to put your trust in a company that has been strong for many years already.

Licenses or Regulation

When looking for a tech provider of friction tests, it’s always a must to look for certifications and licenses. For example, a company offering services in friction tests should be licensed and certified with the American National Standard Test Method for Assessing Dynamic Friction Coefficient Made Specific for Hard Surface Flooring Materials. A company that doesn’t have the right license or certification comes with hidden risks. These risks don’t appear immediately. They are hidden from the initial transaction. They compile and may later cost the company or customer a considerable amount of harm. Trusting the right company, therefore, means that the customer looks for the updated, legitimate regulation approvals that the government requires providers to have.



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