What’s the best way to port an iPhone app to Android?


Changing the phone is like moving to a new apartment: all the things usual and convenient for quick communication are not where you expect to find them. It takes a long time to transfer all the contacts, music, videos and calendars, and part of the information (for example, photos and music to a definite contact) is lost during the transfer.

High-tech manufacturers have already taken this problem of customers into account, but the relocation was facilitated only to the devices with the same platform. If the phone is produced by a completely different manufacturer, the task becomes more complicated.

How to transfer all data from iPhone to Android?

Through SIM card

The easiest way to transfer contacts is to save all contacts on the SIM card and simply transfer the SIM card to the new smartphone. Significant drawbacks: a small amount of memory of SIM card does not allow you to add detailed information, does not save any photos, any melody to the contact, any contacts in the applications and social networks. Inconvenient.

In order to transfer information in the form in which you are accustomed to using it, you need to synchronize the old device and the new one.

How to transfer contacts via iCloud?

  • Connect the account to the cloud (iCloud), synchronize the contacts. To do this, select Settings \ iCloud \ Log into Account \ Contacts.
  • Now you need to transfer the contacts from the cloud to your computer. On the computer go to page: www.icloud.com, log in, go to Contacts and mark the contacts we want to transfer.
  • The next step is to create a VCF file with a list of contacts. In the Settings menu (the ‘gear’ button) select Export vCard and get a VCF file with contacts on the computer. Now on the page www.google.com/contacts in the menu on the left look for ‘Import of contacts’ and open the already downloaded file with the contacts.
  • To import contacts on the new Android, in the settings enable the synchronization of contacts and wait for the import to finish.

Transfer of contacts from iPhone to Android through iTunes

  • Install the free iTunes program on your computer. It will help to transfer not only the contacts, but also the photos, video and audio files.
  • Then start iTunes, connect it via iPhone USB to the computer.
  • Look for the ‘Information’ in the Explorer menu, confirm the synchronization of contacts by ticking the box. In the window that appears, select ‘Google Contacts’ from the list.
  • Go to Google and wait for the synchronization to complete. Wait for the completion of the process.
  • Connect the Android and turn on the synchronization of contacts.

Use Google Mail

  • Register in Gmail if you still haven’t. Log in to your account.
  • Open Settings \ Mail, Addresses, Calendars \ Add Account. Enter the data from your Google account, click ‘Next’.
  • In the list that appears, specify the items that you want to synchronize. The selected will be transferred to the Android when you start Google mail and perform synchronization.

Transfer of photos and videos

To transfer photos and videos from iPhone to Android, use Google+ Photos. Download the official version of Google+ to the iPhone, enter your Google account and enable the automatic start of photo / video and click ‘Upload all photos and videos’. At the end of the operation, photo and video files will appear on the Android.

The second way is a USB cable: connect the old iPhone to the computer, in the Explorer look for the smartphone icon in the list of devices, select from the list ‘Import of images and video’ and in the pop-up box select the folder for copying and adjust the parameters. Get the folder with the information. Then, similarly, via USB, connect a new Android and copy the folder with the files.

How to transfer the calendar from iPhone to Android?

Transfer via cloud (iCloud) is possible. What you shall do:

  • Settings \ Allow synchronization of the calendar.
  • Go to www.icloud.com in the calendar section and click the Share button to the right of the name.
  • In the pop-up menu, click Public Calendar, the link ‘webcal: // ….’ appears. Open a new page and insert the link in the address bar, change the webcal to http and press Enter. A file with the calendar data is downloaded to the computer. It has an indigestible name from a bunch of characters without an extension, it’s better to rename it to make it easier to find.
  • Open the page www.google.com/calendar,  search for ‘Other Calendars’, click and in the pop-up box select ‘Import calendar’.
  • It remains to open a freshly downloaded file on your computer, and its data will be added to the Google account, where they are synchronized with the new device.

Is it possible to transfer the notes from iPhone to Android?

It is possible to transfer information from iPhone to Android, with the help of Yandex.

  • Install Yandex disk on the iPhone. Log in, click ‘Next’. The information will be transferred to the cloud.
  • Enter the same data in the Yandex disk, open ‘Yandex. Moving‘\ Settings \ Moving from phone to phone, press ‘Start transfer’.

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