• Reliability
  • Saving
  • Service


  • The staff of qualified employees: Our team of professionals at kca bookkeeping services firm Singapore is constantly improving their skills. The consulting company Profit Finance has a large number of organizations, which allows us to accumulate significant experience and remain effective.
  • Insured tax risks: Unlike the chief accountant or the accounting department, the consulting company Profit Finance has the opportunity to conclude a professional liability contract and provide civil legal guarantees for damages in cash, unlike an employee – an individual or an internal unit of the company.
  • Customer recommendations
  • Annual reconciliations with the tax office
  • The risk of incorrect assessment of the qualifications of hired personnel is eliminated. The management of our company controls the quality and timeliness of services.

Savings by reducing the cost of accounting and tax accounting

  • The price is 40-60% lower than the employee in the state – you do not need to maintain a staff of accountants, thereby saving on wages and organizing jobs. Due to the management of several companies and a more complete load, the costs of running one company are at least half the cost of creating your own accounting service. In addition, 15% of personal income tax and 38% of social and pension fund contributions can be added to the savings, which ultimately gives about 50% of the cost savings.
  • Savings on accounting, legal programs, administrative expenses: You do not need to bear the costs of maintaining the office for your bookkeeping (furniture, office equipment, stationery, programs, etc.)
  • Save your own time.

Service in the field of accounting services

  • Availability of accounting all working days
  • Possibility of remote access to accounting applications (such as 1C, reporting programs)). The remoteness of accounting does not mean a lack of access to the accounting bases of the company. Access is provided through remote access terminals (or using cloud technology), eliminating the need for ongoing support and bringing additional savings.
  • Lack of illnesses, decrees, holidays. The staff of interchangeable employees guarantees reporting and the absence of penalties regardless of personal situations of employees.



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