Common misconceptions about digital marketing


There is no doubt that the digital marketing industry has evolved drastically over the past years and that technology continues to change our lives. And today, digital marketing is a deeply complex matter that can help many companies, as well as individuals, reach customers all over the world. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people know about this industry, and just a handful of them actually understand it completely. That is why we have so many misconceptions about digital marketing which keep many business owners in the dark. Thus, let us try to debunk these common misconceptions about digital marketing today, and hopefully, help some business owners upgrade their businesses and open their doors to new clients.

‘Digital Marketing Industry Is Only For Large Businesses’

Many people, that is, many small business owners and entrepreneurs believe that this kind of marketing is not for them and their company. But, quite the contrary! The digital marketing can be, and should be used by both small and big companies. Today, there are several and customized tools designed only for helping small businesses. For example, you can connect with your customers and consumers on a global scale, and you do not even have to have a call center. Also, you will have the ability to sell your products worldwide, without having physical shops. And, most importantly, you will get all the necessary analytical data which will help you expand and grow your business. Thus, in order to go from a startup to scaleup, using the digital marketing industry is a must.

‘SEO Lost Its Value’

False! SEO activities can help your business and they remain to be one of the very important elements of digital marketing. Yes, we can all agree that Social Media is important and can help many businesses expand by attracting customers and consumers, especially on Instagram and Facebook. But, there is no doubt that search engines still dominate web traffic. Around 90% of people are going to choose to use search engines whenever they need some information about a particular company, a brand, or any services or products they need. So, no, SEO is not dead! It is still very much alive and it can help you increase the traffic on your website, and thus bring profit. Thus, try to improve the SEO of your website if you want to see the best results.

‘Digital Marketing Can Not Succeed Without Large Website Traffic’

Yes, your company’s website and business in general, need large website traffic in order to be successful, that is, in order to attract a large number of potential clients and customers. However, even if you have thousands of visitors every day, that does not mean that all of them will be ready to pay for your products or services. This is where digital marketing comes into play. Thanks to digital marketing, you will be able to attract the right kind of people. The ones who are actually interested in what you have to sell. Think of this industry as ‘quality over quantity’. It is much better to have only 10 visitors that are all going to become your clients than to have 100 visitors who will not bring any profit at all.

‘Creating a Website Is All It Takes’

This is definitely one of the biggest misconceptions about digital marketing today. Many beginner business owners and entrepreneurs believe that they only need to create a website for their company and that that should be enough for attracting customers. However, today’s internet and online marketing are constantly changing and evolving. And, if you do not maintain your website and update content on a regular basis, you will not attract any customers at all. Just think about it – would you hire a company you found online if you saw that their latest update was several years ago? Probably not! Thus, when it comes to digital marketing, just creating a website will not be enough! You must maintain, upload and update it all the times for the best results. And only then, you will be able to see all the benefits of digital marketing.

‘Posting Any Kind of Content Will Be Okay’

Some people believe that posting large amounts of almost anything will bring success in digital marketing and thus attract profit. But, the truth is, this can only bring more damage than good! If you want your digital marketing process to be productive and profitable you must create interesting and informative, and most importantly – relevant content. If your content is of high quality it will surely attract more clients on a daily basis. And not only that but if the people like what they see they will come back for more and share it with their friends too. Moreover, having high-quality content is necessary if you want to rank higher in the search engines.

‘Digital Marketing Is Just a Nice to Have Business Decoration’

Last but definitely not the least misconception about digital marketing nowadays is that it is not a necessity but a mere ‘plus’ or a ‘decoration’. Many business owners and entrepreneurs believe that having digital marketing for their company is nice but it is not something that will impact the overall business strategy. Again, quite the contrary! Digital marketing is not just a business decoration, it is something that can help you expand and grow your business by opening the door of your company to many consumers and customers. Yes, being present on social media and representing your services and products there is important too. But, having a high-quality and proper website online can really make you and your business stand out. Thus, embrace digital marketing for the upcoming decade, and your business will thrive.


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