From Education to Food, Let’s Explore 05 Industries That Leverage the Power Of 3d Printing

3d printer printing out text "3D".

3D printing business has become very popular in recent years and is highly customizable. Ever since the technology has been introduced, the potential application of the 3D printing is now found across a varied range of industries. While the 3D printing technology in the consumer products is yet to witness height, the scope of the technology is thriving in the industrial sector. The technology allows for quick prototyping, implying that the teams working on a new product can mix and match different designs and materials and come up with the best version. This also tends to accelerate the product’s completion time. The product, in this way, can be completely customizable and resource-efficient.

The 3D printing arena has witnessed significant growth and popularity since the past few years, with giant manufacturing companies like GE and Siemens investing in this technology heavily to leverage it to their benefit. Annual global spending in this technology will reach about $15b in the year 2019. As technology has progressed the potential it offers are endless. Every industry from food to construction to airspace, etc. are seen deploying this useful technology to enhance their product and operations. Let’s explore some of the major industries that 3D printing is bringing havoc in.

  1. Education

3D printing service possesses the potential to make the learning and learning facilities modern and better equipped to prepare students for a tech-savvy world ahead. Educators can deploy this technology to produce visual learning materials to give life to the lesson taught.

  1. Food

The main benefit of 3D food printing lies in personalization. As tailored diets have become a thing and more common, 3D printed food provides value in the sense that it enables more customized food experiences. Some large food companies are already leveraging 3D printing as an important part of the production process.

  1. Prosthetics

Doctors all across the world are positive and hopeful about 3D printing’s potential to make prosthetic braces, limbs, and other possible devices to make mobility guaranteed. For people who wear prosthetics, customization is very important and that is what 3D printing ensures.

  1. Architecture & Construction

Uses of 3D printing in construction and architecture industry are growing at a rapid pace. The technology is frequently used in the project design stage where architects print models of properties and infrastructure.

  1. Automotive

The automobile industry marks as one of the first ones to use 3D printing for the efficient production of prototypes. For automakers, the technology ensures faster, cost-friendly and lightweight product development cycles. As for now, 3D printing is used majorly for the pre-production stages. But companies are looking to use 3D printing in spare parts, jigs, etc. also.

Final thoughts

With so many industries entering the 3D printing industry, there’s no stopping to the advancements in the industry. The technology has revolutionized the working of many industries such as the automobile, prosthetics, etc. and is looking to revolutionize many in the near future. 3D printing not only makes the process faster, time-saving, cost-friendly but much more efficient.


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