How to grow your B2B lead generation process


Businesses are not always run perfectly. Discord between the B2B marketing team and the sales team can be very detrimental for the business. This is the technique which every growth hacking agency uses.

Growing the business correctly is not an easy road to follow. Most of the time, the marketing teams are involved with time-consuming grunt-work, generating leads for the business, and directly sending them over to the sales team.

The sales department then ends up spending even more time and resources to try to connect with, and convert those leads.

Scenarios like these end up dealing a severe blow to businesses, as most business-owners have the tendency to trust their products a little too much.

This trust blinds them to the problems that they may face while actually converting a lead.

Why do most businesses end up running out of gas while trying to convert B2B leads?

Blindly executing lead generation is not the most effective method to acquire sales. Even with the most brilliant sales team, you can’t be expected to run a successful business if the lead generation process is skewed.

Hence, to decrease the occurrence of such B2B lead generation mistakes, growth hacking agency follows a number of steps.

Scout out your targets

Instead of waiting out for companies interested in you to come searching for your product or service, you must try everything in your power to make sure the sale goes through. By investing the correct resources, and ample time, you can easily start lead generation for your business.

Initially, find out your ideal customer type. Create a customer profile stating the benefits that arise from using your product or service.

Collect data on your target market, and then, single out your most valuable clients out of the customer pool. These clients are the leads you definitely want to convert.

Find out everything you can about these leads; who are the real decision-makers in the acquired leads. Get their contact details and find out a bit more about their personal and business backgrounds.

Keep collecting information until you have enough to form a comprehensive customer profile of the lead.

Understand the nuances of the purchasing funnel

After acquiring the B2B customer profiles, you have to convince them as to why they should prefer your business, and how to purchase your product or service.

In B2B, sales funnels are very vague. They are highly volatile and prone to changes.

In B2B lead generation, comprehending the customers’ needs and requirements is critical. By understanding the sales funnel inside out, you can guide the leads through the various steps of conducting a sale.

Targeting customers with relevant, original content

Having good content is a must for a working marketing strategy. Still, most businesses end up deviating from their original strategies.

There are many steps to be followed while creating content for the customers. The content must be relevant, and it must be of a satisfactory quality. Without good value provided, the customers will not reciprocate positively. Hence, for B2B lead generation, the customers will tend to shy away from the business without a good product or service.

Gauging the correct perimeters

B2B lead generation is nothing if you don’t have a plan to track and measure your progress. Not having a plan for your b2b lead generation process is one of the biggest time and resource wasters in business.

Your website traffic is of massive importance. In this case, the most important things that you need to keep your eyes on is Lead Generation ROI. Are you getting enough revenue from your sales and marketing campaign? Because at the end of the day, earnings are what counts, not click rates.

Measure your marketing campaigns too, as well as conversion rates and generated pipelines. Measuring these things creates more opportunities for you to nurture your b2b leads and improve your b2b lead generation process overall. And constant improvement is the only way to turn your b2b lead generation from zero to hero.


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