Optimization Tips For Getting Maximum ROI From Your Facebook Ad Campaign


Facebook is a very versatile platform for advertising. If done right, it has huge potential of giving you long-term revenue and a very strong customer base. It is a multi-faceted platform that offers many features that the advertiser can use to create a strong, compelling ad campaign.

However, to be able to use these features, you have to first build a strong foundation for your ad campaign by getting the basics right. Instead of getting frustrated and fearing the wastage of money, you must focus on testing and optimizing your ad continuously. This is the only way to take baby steps towards your goal.

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Tips for optimization of ad campaigns

  1. Create different categories of the ad campaign:
  • This is the basic foundation of any ad campaign, which every single one of us should follow unless you are running extensive testing of ads.
  • Make 3-4 headlines and ad copies, and use them in different ad categories.
  • Use can also play with different writing styles and ad structures like using bullet points or long paragraphs.
  • Do all this while keeping the essence of the message intact in all the ad groups.
  • You can also use the Dynamic ad feature of Facebook ads and let the system do permutations of multiple headlines, images, and ad descriptions that you have added to the system.
  1. Use video ads:
  • The benefits of a video ad cannot be overlooked.
  • It is a massive source of creativity that keeps the audience engaged and increases the chances of conversions by a huge margin.
  • Video ads also use emotions as the trigger to convey the message of your ad more effectively.
  • You can use a video that is about 20 seconds long to appeal new and lookalike audience.
  • At the end of the video, you can use a lead form or give the audience a free or any other compelling offer.
  1. Customize your lookalike audience with high-value customers:
  • Make a list of your high-value customers who are either loyal customers of your brand or have a tendency to spend big amounts.
  • Customize an ad especially for this set of audiences.
  • You can also create a lookalike of this audience segment and use their behavior as a tool to expand your clientele with more high-value customers.
  • These are the most compatible users and you must not miss out on them.
  1. Keep the ad frequency low:
  • Make sure that you do not show your ad to a single user more than 3 times as this is when there is a maximum chance of conversion, any more than this and you will be wasting your budget.
  • To accomplish this, you need to need to expand your audience reach by creating a larger group that prevents the ad cycle from rotating among a smaller group only.
  1. Focus on ad relevance:
  • Unlike the frequency score which should be low, ensure to have a very high ad relevance score.
  • To keep up the momentum of your ad, you need an ad relevance score of 8 or above.
  • You can achieve this by creating engaging ad content that drives positive audience engagement.
  1. Give preference to mobile-first content:
  • Since 95% of your audience nowadays access Facebook from their mobiles, creating mobile-interface-friendly content is extremely crucial for the success of your ad campaigns.
  • So, create the content by keeping the mobile interface in your mind.
  1. Define your audience before writing the content:
  • Set up parameters and see who your constituent audience is going to be.
  • Lookup for their interest areas and create content to target this set of audiences.
  • You still need to keep it large as a small niche audience will increase the frequency score of the ad cycle.
  1. Cap your daily budget:
  • To prevent overspending, you must put a cap on the maximum budget that you should allow spending on every ad group that is currently running.

The entire process looks simple but can get overwhelming once we see that budget is getting wiped out even when we have not a single sale. Instead of getting frustrated, focus on using the above-mentioned marketing strategies that could help you in building a successful marketing campaign sooner or later.


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