Reputation Management Tools to Improve Your Online Image


The Goals of A Reputation Management Tool and Why More Businesses Should Use Them

Online reputation management is really essential for every business now because with social media and local review sites out there, just about everyone’s business is going to be talked about in one way or another.

The primary goal of a reputation management tool is to keep track of what people are saying about every business, including the products and services. There are so many online platforms that sometimes it is hard to know what everyone’s thinking. Some of the details get lost in translation.

That is why companies need to use a reputation management tool to help settle disputes more quickly and keep their reputation intact.

Your Business Will Do Much Better With Positive Reviews

You might be able to provide customers a positive picture of your business by putting together a commercial or video presentation of it that makes it look good, but ultimately they’re still going to want to see reviews. That’s because they want to know what people like them think about your practice, the kind of costs and paperwork you have them dealing with and overall friendliness there. Having no reviews could actually be worse in some cases than having negative reviews because at least negative reviews leave you a chance to respond and show concern for the reviewer. No reviews could have people a little uneasy about visiting your business, so you should be looking to build up your reputation to be better than your competitors by encouraging reviews on your business.

Your Business Needs REAL Reviews

If you don’t have any reviews, you don’t want to abuse the review sites or search engine listings by paying for fake reviews or trying to create them yourself. This can get your business flagged and hurt its reputation severely. Instead, you should politely ask customers or clients to leave you a review and let them know it’s because you value their honest opinion about your clinic and want to make improvements where you can. If you’ve met or exceeded patient expectations, they’ll usually be happy to leave you a glowing review, or there are a couple of methods you could employ to get them.

You could hand out a business card to them after the visit that links to a survey website where you can ask them questions about the visit, and then have spaces where they can offer candid feedback to you. Or if you’d rather not have it posted on a printed card, sometimes a followup email with your official business signature on it can do a better job of getting patient feedback and survey responses. Another way to keep your reputation solid with customers is to encourage them to visit and interact with you on Facebook, and it gives you an opportunity to not only address any issues they might raise, but you can also provide them with links to useful information.

Why You Might Need An Online Reputation Management Company To Help Out

Your schedule is usually busy, and even your receptionists may not have all the time to go through all the latest reviews or follow-ups and address them. A reputation management tool company that’s helped other small business owners solicit legitimate reviews can take care of the work for you and allow you to stay focused on providing outstanding dental care. To find out more about our reputation management services, fill out our inquiry form or start your free trial with us.


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