Low on Cash? Here Are 5 Exciting Video Games You Can Play Under $10!


The gaming industry is booming – mainly because of the increasing number of gamers. Which means that the amount of video games being produced may be infinite as new games are being released every day. Companies are making sure to leave no category untouched so that more people invest their funds into buying their consoles and games. However, probably the worst nightmare that a gamer can experience due to this popularity are the expensive price tags carried by consoles and video games.

Then again when there’s a will, there’s a way. And you don’t have to actually sell Ps4 or sell video games online from your gaming collectables so you can pay for those expensive games. Especially since there are equally exciting games in the market that won’t break your bank and still give you the fun experience of a lifetime. Below are the games you can play for under $10!

  1. Limbo:

Price: $9.99

Limbo is an award-winning platform puzzle game and according to expert reviews, it’s one of the best to have been released in the market. The game follows an engaging storyline and starts out with an eerie environment full of frustrating puzzles. These little challenging tasks are very fun and are accompanied with melancholically beautiful music that makes you forget about the unsettling undertone in the background.

  1. SpaceChem:

Price: $9.99

SpaceChem is a strategy-puzzle game that follows the theme of chemical engineering and although it may sound boring to some people, it’s totally the opposite. The game requires players to create dynamic circuits inside a chemical reactor. You can do this by utilizing “Waldos”, which are basically chemical instructions along the chain, and all you have to do is direct the attention of the atoms to a certain direction.

  1. A Boy and His Blob:

Price: $9.99

The 2009 game is a re-make of the 1989 NES classic which follows a theme of an adorable puzzle adventure game. To win, players need to help Blob transform into different shapes that will help him and the boy save the citizens of Blobolonia.

  1. Siren:

Price: $9.99

This PS2 game is a 2003 Japanese survival horror game, which has a unique storyline. The exciting part about this video game is that its story spans three days of game play and players even get to step into the roles of 10 interesting characters throughout the story.

  1. Psychonauts:

Price: $9.99

Psychonauts is 2005 action-adventure game which follows a brilliant storyline full of humor, trippy setting and action. The story refers to a boy named Raz, who is a powerful young cadet at a psychic summer camp. Your mission as Raz is to rescue psychic children who are being kidnapped for evil reasons. The game is super fun and adventurous for anyone who was a change in scenery.


It’s not just the games with expensive price tags in the market that are fun to play. You’ll be surprised how some games under cheaper price tags can give you the experience of a lifetime.


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