How To Become An Agile Coach


Being Agile is a continuous process and the ICP-ACC course is excellent for the professional advancement of aspiring Agile coaches, professionals, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters, and Scaling Agile Coaches who seek professional certification from ICAgile. You will be awarded the sought-after ICAgile Certified Professional –Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC) designation of the ICAgile certification body which is globally recognized and very popular in modern times. The ICP-ACC course caters to this demand.

The ICP-ACC course trains Agile coaches to help the team members rethink individual roles and perform in working together as a cohesive communicative and collaborative agile unit. As theory alone is insufficient for these crucial skills, the Agile coach works in binding the team together while providing for individual growth and use of expertise. The ICP-ACC certification endorses your proficiency and skills in effective Change Management.

A Brief Overview Of The ICP-ACC Course

An understanding of Agile and experience in Agile teams helps though no formal conditions need to be met to learn these skills.

The ICP-ACC training is unique. There is no other virtual course available for this training where you earn your certification through completing the workshop and gaining 24 SEUs and PDUs each. You can then use these to take either the PMI or exams which mandate course completion and specify the PDUs or SEUs required for professional certification.

The ICP-ACC training involves online virtual classrooms combine the benefits of classroom training with your convenience and work schedule. The instructors are industry-drawn Agile experts who are certified by ICAgile.

ICP-ACC Training Scope Of Learning

The Agile Mindset teaches you the skills and responsibilities of a coach. One learns how to set limits in coaching, the stance required, and how to coach for action. At the ICP-ACC training you will learn professional coaching and communication skills like conducting conversations, understanding development of and in teams, and setting up an Agile environment, the mentoring roles and transitions and effective Agenda setting for team kickoffs. The journey to high performance involves understanding the team characteristics, handling, and resolution of conflict areas, organizational impediment areas and a lot of planning to facilitate teamwork and conflicts.

IT major Yahoo! has found that teams with an Agile coach who has completed the ICP-ACC course, increased productivity by 300% as compared to teams without the Agile coach who produced a mere 35% more. The scope and reach of the Agile coach are thus proven and can only mean more demand being created daily by industries who upscale teams. Career prospects and payouts match performance and skills and make a powerful statement for a skill upgrade at KnowledgeHut who offer the ONLY virtual training for certification as Agile Coach.

Start your ICP-ACC training journey today.


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