Religare Health Insurance-What Type of Plans Should I Choose


With the rising medical costs, health insurance has become a must in the present times. Among the many health insurance providers in the country, one of the most popular ones is Religare Health Insurance. The company is a private sector company and works in distributing and servicing health insurance products in the country. The shareholders of the company are Corporation Bank and Union Bank and is promoted by Religare Enterprise Limited. The founders of Fortis Healthcare, a leader in providing various healthcare facilities in the country promote the company.

Key Benefits of Religare Health Insurance Plans

Though there are many health insurance providers in the country, Religare undoubtedly offers good services. The company, as mentioned earlier, is promoted by Fortis Healthcare which is a leader in providing healthcare facilities in India, Mauritius and Dubai. The company also manages SRL Diagnostics and a chain of pharmacy and wellness stores.

When choosing a health insurance provider, Religare Health Insurance offers benefits which most of the other companies cannot provide. Some of these distinguishing features are:

  • The company is promoted by the founders of Religare Wellness, Fortis Hospitals and SRL Diagnostics which not only provide excellent healthcare facilities but also have a vision which has revolutionized the way healthcare works in India.
  • With more than 5420 hospitals, the number of network hospitals is huge, ensuring the policy holders can get cashless treatment and good facilities across the country.
  • All claim requests are handled by the team of experts personally, without the involvement of a third party. Religare values its customers and there is no room for chance. The team ensures complete support in the times of a medical emergency making sure the policy holder and is family have no problem.
  • Convenience is the main idea behind the product design of the healthcare plans. The company has ensured best customer service by offering annual check ups and a good network of best hospitals. The health of their customers is of prime importance and this is reflected in the product design.
  • The products offer various important features like:
  • Sum insured up to 6 crores
  • Option of lifelong renewability
  • Automatic recharge of sum insured at no extra cost
  • No claim bonus offered for every no claim year
  • Online option to pay premium and buy policy making it a paperless and easy process

List of Religare Health Insurance Plans

The main health insurance plans offered by Religare are:

Religare Health Insurance Care Plan

This is a basic religare health insurance plan offered by the company. The main aim behind this plan is to offer an affordable and easy way for an individual to meet costs of healthcare for himself and his family. The plan covers treatment anywhere in the world and has an option of automatic recharge of sum insured.

Religare Health Insurance Enhance Plan

For a person who has the basic health insurance plan, this policy works as a top up. This is for people who do not have enough coverage in their policy and want to supplement the sum insured for medical emergencies requiring higher expenditure. This plan comes with the option to convert to a comprehensive plan after four years of successive coverage. The comprehensive plan has no deductibles.

Religare Health Insurance Freedom Plan

This plan is designed keeping the health insurance needs of senior citizens in mind. A coverage of up to Rs. 10 lakhs is available under this plan along with other options like flexible policy term, annual checkup etc.

Religare Assure Health Insurance Plan

This is essentially a critical illness plan or a plan which covers the ailments which are not included in a basic health insurance plan. The plan covers 20 illnesses, the treatment of which can be very expensive. The plan also provides 10% of sum insured for child education for a child up to the age of 24 years.

Religare Health Insurance Group Secure Plan

This policy is an ideal policy for the personnel of a company and offers coverage against accidental death, temporary total disability, permanent disability whether total or partial, child education, coverage against disappearance and hospital cash allowance.

Religare Health Insurance Joy Plan

This is a plan specially designed for pregnant women which covers hospitalization and any health and maternity expenses which occur during pregnancy.

Religare understands the healthcare needs of individuals and thus, offers some of the best plans in the country.


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