4 Products That Will Speed Up Your Old PC


That shiny new computer that you bought 4-years ago which was ultra-fast and could allow to run numerous programs as well as browsing the internet is now slow, rundown, and let’s face it, outdated.

While the logical choice would be to go and purchase a brand new PC however, we do not always have the spare cash around to do just that. Besides, in many cases, your PC might be fine and just might need a bit of cleaning up in terms of its software.

There could be other reasons and with these products, you will be able to learn what they are and cure them.

  1. Piriform CCleaner

CCleaner has been around for many years now and it is still known as one of the best system cleaners. Providing a deep scan that will identify and remove temporary files, broken shortcuts, duplicate files, and all other files that are not needed by your system. These files take up unnecessary space and therefore can slow down performance dramatically. This is especially the case if the file systems have not been cleaned in years.

  1. Norton Utilities

While CCleaner works at removing unwanted files, Norton Utilities speeds up the PC in other ways. It will optimize the memory, hard drive, and the processing power of your PC so that it runs far more efficiently. It will also help with diagnosing and repairing any system crashes and slowdowns and will let you know if there are any programs starting up that you barely use.

  1. Xtra-PC

Xtra-PC is the only hardware-based solution on our list and it provides a great way to get more life out of your old and worn out PC. Instead of cleaning or optimizing your current operating system, this PC USB stick will instead let you load up another one via a USB port.

If you have read any Xtra-PC reviews in recent months, you will see how popular this method has become. Users that plug this into their computer are given a fresh Linux operating system that uses the system resources of your computer. A lightweight operating system compared to Windows, your PC will now function faster than ever.

  1. Any Good Anti-Virus

Sometimes the problem could be down to a virus rather than the age or anything else to do with your computer. If you have not been taking advantage of an anti-virus program and/or a firewall, there is a chance that you have viruses and other infections slowing down your PC.

By downloading a good quality anti-virus such as Avast or Bitdefender Antivirus, you can scan your computer to help identify and remove any of these viruses.


Before you go out and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a new PC thinking that your computer is past it and will never run fast again, try out each of the solutions above. In fact, you could try all of them and we can guarantee that you will experience an increase in speed and efficiency when using your computer. Xtra-PC, in particular, is a great cost-effective solution.


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