Log onto BBC iPlayer From Anywhere In The World


If you have been abroad and attempted to log on to BBC iPlayer, you will have notices that the website server will not allow you to view its content unless you are accessing it from within the UK. That means you may have to kiss goodbye to the BBC until you return from your trip away or you will need to install VPN software that will give you access to the United Kingdom.

There are plenty of BBC iPlayer VPN options available to you, and they all come with their own features, pros and cons. Free VPNs are an option, but the issue with free VPN servers is that they are not always that great when it comes to streaming. That said, if you can find a free VPN that works, then by all means go for it.

For most people, the stream speed and performance is vital to their viewing experience. Constant stop starting and buffering is something most people will not put up with. Therefore, the best option is to purchase VPN software that specializes in iPlayer connectivity.

Can I watch iPlayer abroad? You can literally connect to iPlayer from any country in the world. Even in countries such as China where most websites are blocked such as Google and Facebook, you can use a VPN to connect to a server in the UK and then use that server to connect to BBC iPlayer.

What Other Uses Are There For a VPN?

VPNs not only help you connect to movie players like the BBC iPlayer, you can also connect to HBO, NetFlix, Sky TV, and BT Sports all of which have localized connectivity rules that block people logging in unless they are in the UK. NetFlix is the only one of these services you will be able to connect to without a VPN, but you will not get the UK’s version of NetFlix. Instead you will get the localized version of NetFlix relevant to the country you are in.

Another use for VPNs for UK citizens is to connect to free streaming websites outside of the UK. In the United Kingdom ISPs are encouraged to block people using their router to connect to the internet from connecting to free sports and movie streaming websites. This is because BT and Sky pay a lot of money to have the rights to broadcast sports and if you are not paying a monthly subscription, then you are effectively breaching copyright laws.

The same applies to downloading torrents. ISPs in the UK can generally spot people using torrents very quickly. This could result in your internet connection being temporarily blocked. You will get a warning and if you do it again, you could be permanently blocked from using that ISP again. This is all in aid of protecting the music, books, and movie industry.

For any one of these situations, a VPN is a good way to disguise your internet surfing activity and you online identity using an encrypted connection. You ISP or anyone looking in at your connection will not be able to see any of the data being passed too and throe from your device to the VPN server because the connection will use a highly encrypted data connection.


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