Are Unlimited Data Plans Always the Best Option for Your Company?


It’s easy to get carried away with the wonder of “unlimited data plans.” It sounds like a good idea at the moment, but there are many different reasons why an unlimited data plan might not be worth the extra dough. Unlimited business plans cost at least $20 extra than your average data plan per month. If your business often doesn’t use too much data and get close to your provider’s limits, then an unlimited plan is probably not worth the extra money. On the other hand, if the nature of your business uses up tons of data, then an unlimited plan might be the right choice for you. You can also hire telecom consulting companies and experts to make sure you are getting the right decision for your company.

When choosing whether you need an unlimited plan, examine your employee need. Look at how your business runs. If there is at least one aspect of your business that would benefit from an unlimited plan, then you should figure out what percentage of users would fall into that category.

Once you’ve found that need, examine the usage patterns of those employees under that umbrella. Figure out how much data each employee is using every month. If employees come close to the limit, compare that month’s usage with other months to see if there is a consistent pattern of usage month to month. Then look for similar patterns among other employees. A good percentage of employees might be close to the limit due to strictly work-related matters. Switching to unlimited might relieve the stresses of those employees.

Getting employee feedback may also be beneficial in helping you decide whether or not to pay more for an unlimited plan. They can provide valuable insight, and help you figure out whether that extra expense is worth the cause.

If an unlimited plan is seen as a company perk for your business, then it might pay off well in the long run. It may end up boosting company morale or shedding more light on your business in the public eye. Or, maybe most employees already have unlimited plans. It all depends on your particular business whether an unlimited plan would be truly worth it or not.

With the concept of unlimited plans, comes an aspect that can be quite beneficial to businesses. It’s the use of a mobile hotspot or tethering. This allows your phone to provide wifi for all nearby devices (tablets, laptops, etc.) Tethering could be a great way to promote productivity and allow employees a creative way to fix a popular problem, unreliable wifi. You may not need an unlimited plan to introduce this factor, but the drastic increase in data usage might force you to go the unlimited route anyway.

At the end of the day, you should look at how your employees need and want to use company phones. Do they really need the extra data to work harder, or do they just want to look at random cat videos on YouTube time to time? It all depends on how your business runs. Unlimited plans are great, but you need figure out whether they’re a want or a need. Then, you can move forward and make the decision that’s right for your business.

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