BT Cutting Line Rental Fees


BT landline customers will see a price decrease of £7 from the month of May onwards which will see their line rental bill drop from £18.99 to £11.99 per month for the next 3 years!

This price cut was made as a result by an investigation made by the communications regulator OFCOM who found out that despite line rental fees going up the cost of maintaining these services was going down. These new price cuts were negotiated as a means to safeguard elderly customers of telecommunications companies that do not use a TV or broadband package and just use a landline package. As maintaining just a landline package costs a lot less than multiple entertainment and communications lines. However the price of just the landline rental has remained high as it is important for customers and they have little other choice than to pay it.

This change impacts over one and a half million households across the UK with almost one million of these being BT customers and the rest being spread across other landline providers who will also see a decrease of pricing.

Whether your provider is BT or another landline provider you should get a letter from BT if you are eligible for this price drop and it will be applied automatically for all customers without them needing to call. However if you or someone you know has not received a letter and are due one they should call BT on 08700420392 or visit the BT contact number website which has a variety of numbers you can call. Similarly if you feel you are paying too much for your broadband, TV or landline or wish to see what offers BT have you can ring the number or visit the same website for alternative numbers to get in touch with British Telecoms. The FindMyNumbers website also has contact numbers and other contact means for other businesses based in or operating in the UK.


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