How to choose the best SEO Agency for your business


Currently, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most popular marketing strategy around the globe. The low cost, long-term results and huge potential for revenue growth, it has become unavoidable and irresistible. As compared to an in-house SEO team, SEO Agencies are highly cost-effective.

But how do you choose the appropriate SEO Agency for your business?

The answer to this question varies from company to company but generally, you need to follow three steps to choose the ideal SEO partner for your company.

STEP 1: Seed list

Initially, you need to get a seed list. It is the list of agencies that can become your possible partners. You can get a pre-made list of agencies and also create a list based on your research.

STEP 2: Agency website

The next step is checking the websites of shortlisted agencies. For the evaluation of an SEO agency, you need to check four pages.

  • The Homepage is the way how the agency chooses to present itself to its potential clients. The Homepage should feature navigation elements, contact options, imagery, and basic information. An old, unmatched, or just sloppy homepage is the stretchable option off your list.
  • In addition to the homepage also check their ‘’ABOUT US’’, ‘’TESTIMONIALS’’, and ‘’BLOG’’ pages to get an accurate idea of their worth.

STEP 3: SEO strength

By using several online tools you can finally check the strength of their SEO. Moz’s Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs are great online tools to check the SEO strength of an agency. Using Google also you can evaluate the SEO strength of the company. You can perform Brand name, Major and minor keywords search to get an exact idea.

Finally, after doing the first interaction with the SEO company you can meet with them for your joint venture.


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