Latest Version of GB Instagram has Launched with Exciting Features


There is good news for the users of Instagram that latest version of GB Instagram is launched by the officials with some new and exciting features. They gave the name to this version 1.70 and you should have a 4.3 or above Android version to use this latest version.

Do you know it? There are many new features included by the officials that were not available in the previous versions of this app. Moreover, they also improved the user interface and graphics. They have tried to provide the user-friendly interface because it is an app that should be in the phone of every person. Let’s talk about some newly added features!

First of all, the feature is included that was the dream of users is known as downloading of videos and photos. In the past, it was not possible for any user of Instagram to download and save videos, photos and stories. Now it is possible with the latest version of GB Instagram.

Moreover, you can also use two Instagram accounts with the use of this latest version. Mostly, people use only one device but they use the device for personal and business matters. So, it is not suitable to use the one Instagram account for business and personal activities. Now you can use two Instagram accounts for business and personal activities separately.

Here is another exciting news for you that it is also possible to change the theme of Instagram with the use of this latest version. It is very annoying and frustrating to use the same app with the same theme many times in a day. So, you should change the theme to make it more exciting.

Copy of comments and descriptions was not allowed in previous versions. Many users of Instagram want to copy of comments of other people. Its usual that we like comments and want to save or share on other posts but it was not possible in the previous versions. Now you can copy comments and share on other posts with one click.

Moreover, it was not possible to share URLs of your posts on other social media platforms but everyone wants to share on other platforms to attract people for following. Do you know it? There is an exciting news for you that you can share URLs on other social media platforms with the use of this latest version.



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