Types of internet


When the internet reaches our house it is usually through a cable so we don’t really understand what goes into providing this internet service. To be honest we all want the best Internet Service one that is fast and doesn’t break down too often so that we get a smooth internet service without any interruptions. Now everyone desires such an internet service but doesn’t want to research for it. While the companies might seem to be very convincing, they will tell you all sorts of good stuff which their company provides while the others don’t. Now don’t get me wrong about this not all companies are like this, but with the competition growing day by day more companies are adapting to this attitude. So along with them, the people need to get sharper with their decisions. A big contribution to the reliability of the net you have and the speed consistency comes from the type of medium your provider uses to provide the internet service.

Here are the types of medium service providers


Digital subscriber line or as we know it DSL is one of the most commonly used mediums for providing internet around the globe. DSL runs on a telephone line so an external cord system does not need to be set up for this kind of service. With the current Technology DSL can provide speeds of up to 25 megabytes per second or MBPS. With advancing research it is possible to get 100 Mbps speed by the end of this year. DSL is divided into two types, asymmetric DSL, and symmetric DSL. ADSL gives you slower upload speed and faster download speed while SDSL gives youeven download speed as upload  speed. If you backup big files on a daily basis you should get SDSL because for that you need equally fast upload speeds as download speeds.

Cable broadband

This type of internet is provided by your television service providers. The internet runs on a coaxialcable which is run on your television as well. The speed offered through this medium can range anywhere from as low as 3 megabytes per second to 100 megabytes per second. Everything has its own disadvantages and advantages through coaxial cable the internet speed doesn’t vary with distance unlike DSL; it is also more widely used and more reliable too. While this can be put as an advantage, in this, however, the internet gets divided within other houses too so you don’t always get what they actually tell you the speed.


Well this most of us are familiar with it runs on satellite and no matter where you are from or set it up the speed varies from 3mbps to 15mbps. The satellite has the advantage of being available everywhere where other mediums are not. However, it’s slower and more expensive the same time

Fiber optic

This is one of the latest innovations in the internet world it is also the fastest and provides speeds faster than 1 GB per second. It is reliable and inexpensive. It is the best choice you have however it’s not available everywhere. Forbrukeretaten is a great platform to search for a new service provider makes sure to check it out.


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