How to migrate a Windows user, and all their data, from one computer to another easily


Every time we change team, we usually try to spend as much data as possible from the old computer to the new, where includes user accounts of Windows system, a task that if we have to do many times, can be somewhat tedious.

That is why in these lines is going to talk about a program that is responsible for providing that type of task in particular, it is User Profile Wizard, a powerful software for Windows- based devices that allows us to migrate user accounts from One team to another quickly and easily.

To start we will say that the program is offered as a free version for personal use, although we also have a professional edition of payment and another Enterprise. With everything and with it, the free edition allows the migration of user profiles, the elimination or deactivation of local accounts, network migration, joining of computers to all Windows domains, or joining a workgroup.

Likewise, the aforementioned Professional and Enterprise editions support additional functions such as saving migration settings, adding computers to “Active Directory” containers, or options to rename the profile folder or the computer .

For its part, the Enterprise edition supports the migration of all profiles in a single operation, support for VPN connections, complete automation with support for custom scripts, or the name change and profile copy. But for a particular user, the free version will be more than enough when migrating Windows user profiles from one computer to another.

Migrate Windows user accounts easily

This software is compatible with all versions of Windows from XP and must be installed on the computer of destination before you can use. The main function of the free version is to migrate a user profile to another account to maintain the data and preferences indicated in the system, it shows the list of user profiles at the beginning, so each user profile is seen with its name and your profile path.

At the same time, options are provided for displaying unassigned user profiles and for disabling or deleting the selected account, with unassigned profiles being those created by Windows when there are problems with existing ones. To function, we only have to select an account name for migration and select a domain or the name of the local computer.

Then we have to configure the new profile as the default login in the system and the migration begins immediately after. User Profile Wizard shows the progress in a registry of the program interface, but it must be taken into account that migration can take some time, since it migrates the registry keys, user data and other data to the selected profile . Once you have finished successfully, the program reboots the system with the new user profile transferred.


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