Advantages of using IT Support in Schools


In the era of fake news, developing the capacity for discernment is essential. Being able to find different sources and contrast them as well as structuring information are the most important skills developed by students with the introduction of IT in their training. However, IT support for schools brings many more benefits:


It is undoubtedly the most relevant advantage of the use of IT. Learning becomes fun and attractive, encouraging them to research and experiment for themselves.


With resources as rich and different as videos, websites, graphics and games, subjects that are more traditional are more interesting. Multimedia content is a very useful tool to bring different subjects to students in a complete and entertaining way.


IT promotes the active and participatory attitude of students, which is involved in learning and stands as its protagonist. The possibility of exchanging experiences with classmates, teachers and students of their age belonging to other centers is very enriching.

Collaborative work

It is clearly enhanced with the different digital tools. It is easier than ever to create team projects, cooperate and learn from each other.


With IT, the development of the imagination is stimulated, as well as the initiative. They are a valuable tool when preparing work, both at the content and formal level.


Close dialogue between students and teachers is encouraged through different channels, in a more spontaneous and less formal way.

Adaptation and customization

If digital environments allow something, it is the real-time update of all information and resources. In addition, it is possible to adjust the tools and contents to local and nearby realities, without a doubt a plus of motivation.

Digital skills for a future of success

We know that in today’s society, but with more reason in which it comes, digital skills will be basic when determining the entry into the world of work. They will also be to develop in everyday life and to integrate into the knowledge society.

Therefore, at school we want to go beyond digital literacy. Our goal is for students to be able to squeeze the possibilities offered by technological advances and reach new opportunities.


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