Learn basic coding in a fun way


Many computer operators and software developers build different and new things every day. They develop apps and other programs in a specific language which is called coding. Without coding no one can build any app, we can say that it is the major and important thing in any technology. From browser to blog reading everything is due to the specific coding.

Coding is good to build a creative mind in a fun way. People who know coding can create new things according to their ideas and thoughts. That’s why we bring coding in a fun way, at codenplay.io you can learn to code just by playing some simple games. We help our clients to practice on real software in different fun ways so they can learn basic software codings using the provided information at codenplay. Different software has different points to explain and teach. It almost takes two hours to get basic lessons from codenplay.

Benefits of coding:

Coding is a very useful language. It provides official as well as some personal benefits to a person who wants to learn it.

  • People who know basic coding can operate and use different commands and have control of new technologies.
  • A person can build his site to earn without any extra effort, he can also share his ideas through different blogs.
  • The person who knows some coding can design different things for his site without paying a webmaster.
  • People who have a passion for technology can learn and build new things according to their ideas and thoughts rather than using the old ones. Learning to code helps in learning about new and different technologies.

How it works at codenplay:

The client can learn to code by just watching an animated video that will provide a different concept in an entertaining and fun way. After that video, a simple test will verify whether he gets the idea from the video or not. Code writing is not simple at codenplay, the best part of code writing is a person can write code while he is playing a game at codenplay.

  • After getting lessons from code n play the person will be able to write some JavaScript codes and simple documentation easily. He can buildup different codes and solve different technical problems by coding.


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