Ownership of a panasonic toughbook


Ownership of a panasonic toughbook:

Panasonic is not known for being part of the computer/laptop world as when you hear Panasonic you think:
* AC’s
* etc


And why, well because the market is already so saturated with so many choices and devices that the only way they could break into it was to find a niche of their own that not only broke them into the market but allowed them to dominate with that niche and thus opening the door to possible future endeavors.

And this they did with their Toughbook Tablet line.

So what is a Toughbook?

Apart from being extremely reliable and powerful, it is the most durable tablet on the market at the moment. The importance of this is that many tablets breaking at crucial times by minor knocks and bumps or falls costs companies millions annually because of the loss of data or the downtime to have it repaired, not to mention the costs of the repairs and or replacing of the damaged tablet.

Panasonic’s Toughbook was designed with hard work in mind, a tough environment and safety of your data no matter the conditions, especially with much outdoor work, industrial industries and building sites going electronic in mind.

Packed into this little tough package is more than expected, top of the line performance due to the software that competes with any other out there and the durability of the hardware makes it stand way above the rest with the only real downfall being the price, which is a bit hefty but hopefully will drop once the product started selling as the more you sell the more the price will drop to cover costs. But its durability and strength which makes it last longer than you everyday flimsy tablets will make the cost worth it in the end as you will rarely have to replace it for repairs or breakage.

It was designed with a specific client in mind and once that kicks off and the advantages are known more widely it can and will be a good seller and become much more in demand.

One of the biggest drawing cards of the Toughbook is the failure rate. Compared to your normal tablet or PC which is around 21 % the Panasonic is an astonishing and extremely low 2.99 %, as well as the fact that water spillage which costs many a person to not only lose data but the actual tablet itself is almost non-existent when it comes to the Panasonic

So with top of the line hardware, software, and durability second to none, what’s stopping you from getting yours today?


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