The UX design trends to watch out for in 2018 by Saad Raja


Your idea of today can be the next big thing of tomorrow. That is how it goes in the industry when it comes to User Experience (UX) trends.  The only way to reach the top most position in a rapidly evolving industry is to prepare in advance for one step ahead of User Experience (UX) design. Saad Raja discusses the opinions and predictions by the experts in this discipline are listed down to analyze the interesting upcoming features of the User Experience as we enter 2018.

1) Geometric shapes and patterns in visual designs

Gaining prominence in 2016, geometric shapes and lines are predicted to be the highlight of 2018 with web pages filled with elaborate designs which will be simple yet interesting.  A report issued by Nielsen Norman Group stated that flat user interfaces (UIs) had lost popularity amongst the public as they found it confusing and less interactive.

Replacing flat UIs with attractive geometric shape is considered to increase audience engagement.

2) Split-screen website design

In the previous years, the splitting of a web page screen was considered to be a major blunder in the design world as it diverted the user’s attention and confused them. But not anymore, as the trend of having more than one message on one screen has gained prominence. Some sites have resorted to this trend of combining vertical panels while displaying different messages on both sides.

Even though the problem of divided attention for the user remains, the website finds the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and a unique selling point

3) UX design inspired by android

Inspired by Android’s interface, Material Design Lite is based on the interesting and attractive features introduced by Android. This UX design makes use of geometric lines, bold figures, and shapes that enhance user’s connection with the material design lite.

4) Customized Cinemagraphs

One trend that is going to reach the top is the exciting cinemagraphs. An amalgamation of a photograph and a video, this unique UX design allows you to create a photograph with an illusionary feeling.Decent and elegant to use, this trend is simple and user-friendly.


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