What Is Codeguard Website Backup? Why Do You Need It?


Data security and integrity are some of the biggest concerns of website and business owners. Unfortunately, online attacks such as malware and DDoS are on the sharp rise. If your website gets hacked or its data gets leaked in the hands of such online threats—it significantly threatens your business trust, reputation, and credibility. 

Besides cyber attacks, data loss can also happen due to human errors or natural disasters. In such situations, having website backups is of utmost importance. This is why web hosting service providers offer CodeGuard Website Backup services with their hosting services. 

This article will explain what CodeGuard Backup is and why you need it for your website. 

What is CodeGuard Website Backup? 

CodeGuard is a cloud-based fully-automated website backup service that offers complete protection against malware and potential data loss. In addition, it monitors and tracks for any changes and modifications on your website and alerts you about the same via email. 

It protects sensitive customer data and information, passwords, databases, etc., to prevent potential data breaches. Its off-site website backups also help you recover from any disaster with ease. 

Typically, CodeGuard involves a four-step process to ensure ultimate website and data security. 

  1. The first step is connecting with the website by providing certain necessary credentials. 
  2. Next is, creating the first backup, upon which CodeGuard tracks your website for any changes and stores the backup files on the cloud. You are free to configure the backup settings as required. 
  3. Once the backup is configured, CodeGuard monitors every slight website change and immediately notifies you, along with malware, viruses, and other online threats on your website. 
  4. You can restore any backup version you like from the backup repository with no hassle. 

Why do you need a CodeGuard Website Backup service

The increased cyberattacks and uninformed hardware and software failures sabotage business reputation—leading to website downtimes, loss of customers, and huge monetary losses. 

A CodeGuard Website Backup prevents all these and offers the following features and benefits:

  • Automated solution 

You no longer need to constantly bother about taking regular manual backups or putting a reminder for the same as CodeGuard integration ensures automated website backups—making it a convenient solution. 

  • Security 

CodeGuard offers AES 256-bit data encryption techniques for enhanced website and data protection. 

  • Accessibility 

Since it’s a cloud-based solution, you can access your website backups anytime from anywhere with CodeGuard. 

  • Reliability 

CodeGuard offers instant website backup restoration—preventing the risks of downtimes, offering high uptime, and enhancing user experience. 

  • Data versioning 

CodeGuard saves all website versions with date, time, and other version information attached—allowing you to restore a suitable backup version of your choice. 

  • Mobile access and website migration

You can access your CodeGuard backups even from your mobile devices. It also offers seamless migration—one website to another. 


Having multiple and readily accessible website backups is more than necessary in this increasing era of cyber and other online threats. 

CodeGuard Website Backup ensures everything—from a robust automated backup, on-demand restore, high security, reliability, and affordability. So, get in touch with your web hosting company and choose a suitable CodeGuard basic or other plans to protect your website’s sensitive data and sustain business continuity. 


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