Have you promised to give your child a mobile phone? It is certainly for him synonymous with freedom and emancipation. But for parents, it is also a source of anxiety. Do you know that there are spyware on Android able to inform you about the actions of your children?

We do not hide that these programs have become the terror of teenagers. On the other hand for the parents they are a great way to track their offspring at any time of the day.


Spyware for Android installs like any application, provided you have a few minutes in your child’s smartphone. This type of program looks like a wiretapping system. Its use is legal if you own the phone to trap which is almost always the case with regard to children’s smartphones.


There are two ways to do this: either surreptitiously stealing your child’s smartphone as we have already mentioned, or having his or her mutual consent, which is highly unlikely.

Technically, there is nothing very difficult. We will explain everything to you.

Above all, it will download software compatible with the model of the smartphone. The spy then installs the program. Once the download is done, it is necessary to fill in the IMEI number of the phone or the number of the smartphone to which it wants to direct the SMS and the conservations. The use of certain software requires the subscription to a paid subscription.


Becoming a good cell phone spy requires a few tips and a lot of discretion. Several softwares are currently available on the wiretapping market. So depending on how you use it, make sure that the software can meet your expectations in terms of functionality. Some programs allow you to listen to live phone conversations. For this you must send a code on the smartphone. Of course, he stays in incognito mode.

TTSPY phone tracker app is able to recover everything that goes on the phone to a personal internet account. To lose nothing, we advise you to make backups on a USB key or a hard disk of this data.

Beyond the intrusive role of this type of program, it is important to understand that it can also save lives.


TTSPY teaches you about a lot of things about your child’s privacy. To get an idea, we have listed all you can do with this type of program.’

See the photographs taken by the phone

Teens love taking pictures of every moment of their lives. It’s a very juicy spying source. The photographs captured by your child are blindly repatriated to your mobile phone.

Know the websites visited

The Internet is both an interesting tool to discover and learn but also a source of information that can be very toxic, especially for children. Spyware is different from a parental control program in that it does not block unwanted sites. But he can help you to know the sites visited by your child.

The TTSPY sends you the list of URLs visited by the phone trapped. If you notice that he is used to surfing unhealthy sites, nothing prevents you from starting a discussion with him about what to do and what not to do on the web.

Spyware also informs its activity on social networks that are sometimes real dangers for children.

Geolocate your child

Where is your child? Does he tell the whole truth about the places he frequents? Is he safe? The GPS data is captured by the software and tells you exactly where it is at the moment.

Spy on his telephone and SMS reservations

An TTSPY reveals the list of incoming and outgoing calls and SMS exchanges. Depending on the version of the software, it is also possible to listen to live phone calls, huge power over his private life.


The benefits of a TTSPY program are simple to understand. You can exercise full monitoring of all data that pass on the smartphone of the child. This power makes it possible to avoid numerous risks and to limit doubtful contacts.

Geolocation makes it possible to keep a distant eye on your child. Beyond the most serious cases such as abduction or disappearance, the GPS data allow to know if your child is where it should be (school, outings, sport …); a good solution to be reassured throughout the day.

The use of this type of program must be measured. The goal is not to censor the privacy of the child but to preserve it from dangers. Too much copying can endanger the relationship with your teen or pre-teen, especially if he or she realizes it.

You must never forget that spying on your child’s smartphone is an intrusive practice that should not replace dialogue. The use of this kind of program always remains a danger for the secret garden of our children, useful but to use in moderation.


There are two types of users with Android spyware: those who investigate the actions of their target and those who use them only in case of potential dangers. It goes without saying that it is important to respect the freedom of children and know how to trust them. Overuse may even have a counterproductive effect.

In summary, the Android spyware for children is a relevant monitoring tool provided however that it is used to reassure but certainly not to harm the intimate life of the child.


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