Features & benefits of Church Management Software


To run church and ministries most effectively and properly Church Management Software (CMS) is a must!!!!

Due to the small number of staff and many deadlines that the administrative staff required to meet, church offices can also be demanding and stressful. To spread the gospel of Christ to the community CMS is the right solution.


CMS is an all-rounded tool to manage church activities efficiently. CMS empowers the church to take and track into the complete information of account members, interests, contributions, security, volunteerism, spiritual gifts, attendance, events, and community building small groups.

Features provided by CMS:

Some of the features that CMS provides are:

  • Fund Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Memberships
  • Attendance (including visitors)
  • Contributions
  • Events registration
  • Facilities Managers
  • Check-In/Check Out

These modules can be implemented alone or in a combination of integrated software suite (custom designed) to manage the budget and information administration needs.

Benefits of Church Management Software:

CMS deals with several important matters to run the church and ministry. Some of the benefits of CMS are:

  • CMS has a user-friendly dashboard that provides the unifying experiences to run church functionality and information all in one.
  • Its check and management feature ensures the accountability, keeps track of the congregation, and easy organization of church programs.
  • CMS ensures the availability of reports and statistics related to the church.
  • Managing the attendance of the church members is a tough job, but CMS makes it easy for the church.
  • Its Payroll management tool is equipped with the right features to work in church settings.
  • Donations and their management check and balance are one of the other financial features of quality CMS.
  • CMS is also equipped with members tracking capability; it keeps track of rooms and provides accurate attendance records.

Faith Teams is a very easy and affordable Church Management Software that has all the above-mentioned features and benefits. It is perfect for small and mid-sized churches.


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