4 ways how Big data is used in customer experience


Ever since the customer service industry started the transformation into digital space, the term big data became a household name in the industry. Unlike conventional data, Big data is unstructured and disbanded across multiple sources which is difficult to process in like a regular database. To analyze Big data companies and organizations use methods like a/b testing, data integration, data mining, machine learning, statistics, and many other methods. Contact centre uses multiple channels for communication like social media, blogs, web, SMS, email, and other digital channels where a lot of data is being generated across multiple channels and some of the data can be unstructured. Here are some of the ways big data can help improve customer experience.

 Understanding the target audience

Customers nowadays use multiple channels for communication with an organization or a company and the challenging part of any business is coming up with a successful marketing strategy. With Big data, companies can track customers across multiple channels and identify a business’s weaknesses and strengths. Big data lets you identify customers who are consuming a type of content and with the right marketing, a company or organization can convert them into taking your service. A company or organization can put a lot of effort and money into marketing for lead generation but without understanding your target audience, companies cannot get the result they hope. Now CX market places like VOIZ support API-based integrations to your CX stack which can help you resolve these challenges.

Predict future trends

The market is always changing and customers in look for new products and services. Companies and organizations use big data to understand the user’s needs and try to fulfill them.

Big data can let companies know the user’s feedback and responses to a product or service, there are always ways to improve them. With Big data, companies can recognize the segment of the market where a new product or service can benefit the user, these are gaps in the market which were unrecognized before the use of Big data.

Analyze online reputation

Customers do their research when buying a product or service, they prefer companies having high user feedback. Big data companies analyze online reputation with first-party feedbacks as well as third-party websites. Companies and organizations can evaluate themself to understand their strengths and weaknesses for a better customer experience. Companies can also analyze competition and find ways to improve their online presence.

Agent analysis 

Agents are the frontline of a company or an organization the customers interact with. Particularly, if you are running in-house, or skilled agents via market places like VOIZ, the performance of the agents decides the customer experience for a user. Big data, companies, and organizations have data to analyze an agent’s performance or performance of a contact centre. VOIZ has an inbuilt dashboard where you can monitor the agent’s performance in realtime Low customer satisfaction can lead to poor customer experience and a bad reputation for an organization or a company.

Final thoughts

In the current digital landscape, it is impossible to get a competitive advantage without analyzing Big data. Companies and organizations can understand their customers way better by using the right Big data. With the right tools, companies and organizations can always find ways to improve their customer experience. Prepare a CX delivery system that is suitable for you. VOIZ is a CX marketplace that can be a good place to start. Right from agent hiring to analytics integrated with CRM running on big data can be of great advantage to you.


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