Dedicated server hosting vs shared: Which one should you choose?


Choosing the right hosting solution is essential for your website. It can affect your load times, customer reach, and user experience. But which hosting service is best for you, shared or dedicated server hosting?

There are several factors that you must consider before you choose.

Read on to know what they are.


With a dedicated server hosting, you have complete command over the machine to allocate resources and disk space for your applications. This is not possible in a shared server, where you are allotted specific resources of a server.

A dedicated server hosting is perfect for you if your applications are complex and need high-level customisation. This is because you are granted root-level access to the server and can configure all the variables.

If your requirements are basic, and you do not have any complex applications, then shared hosting is perfect for you.

Growth and scalability

If you are expecting your business to grow anytime soon, scaling up your IT infrastructure is essential to handle an increasing volume of traffic.

You have better growth and scalability with a dedicated server hosting. You can do this by increasing the computing power and the storage size depending on the traffic and usage. Scalability reduces and prevents downtimes that may happen due to the power and storage, hitting the capacity limits.

A dedicated server can be expensive. Hence, you must carefully consider this factor when opting for it.

You can increase the storage space and size of individual databases in shared hosting as well, but there are several limitations. You cannot increase the processing power, which might pose a problem when running complex applications. However, your website is simple, and you aren’t expecting much growth, then shared hosting can work just fine.

Security risks

Your server needs to be running the latest upgrades, and the newest security patches must be installed to ensure that it is safe from malware attacks and hackers.

In a dedicated server hosting, you are responsible for preventing any security gaps. This can be dealt with by ensuring the security patches and upgrades are up to date. You can also take measures to protect your data from any potential HDD crash or fine-tune your security to suit your requirements.

A shared server is not as secure as a dedicated server, considering the many users on the server. In case of a server overload due to one security loophole, all websites on the server might be affected. If your website can do without a high-level of security, shared hosting is fit for you. However, ensure that you go for a trusted provider.


Dedicated server hosting is significantly expensive as compared to shared hosting. Hence, you must consider the business criticality of your applications before opting for a dedicated server.

Shared hosting is relatively cheap. It can be perfect for a basic website or a small business.

There are a wide number of dedicated WordPress hosting and shared hosting providers in India. The information provided above can help you choose the best for you. Also, check the reviews and performance of hosting providers before you zero in on a web hosting plan for your website.


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