How Can You Get The Old Interface Of Spotify Web Player?


There’re two kinds of individuals: those who do not mind when a service or an app changes the interface and the others who are totally against it. When it comes to the newest re-design of Spotify Web Player, the latter group is increasing. Spotify has begun to roll out a complete overhaul of the web player UI. So, if you listen to the Spotify playlists in your browser and you still have not seen it, brace yourselves because it is coming. And you may not love it once you get it. That is why we’ll show you a rapid workaround for getting the old Spotify interface back.

What Is Wrong With The New Spotify Interface?

From the visual point of view, the new Spotify interface isn’t bad; in fact, you may even locate it striking. It looks modern, sleek, and simple enough. However, the issue is that the redesign did not just affect its web player’s look. It also removed numerous key features, the capability of sorting the artists alphabetically, the overview of lately appended artists/albums, and the song queue, only to name a few. If you have never utilized them, you certainly would not see the change. Still, there’re people who liked such features or even located them necessary. Understandably, they’re not pleased.

Restoring The Old Spotify Interface In Google Chrome:

Luckily, there is a workaround that allows you to revert to its old interface. It is realistic to anticipate that Spotify will put an end to it, but it presently seems to work well.

  • First, you’ll require the browser extension that can change the user agent string of the browser. In very basic terms, this extension lets the browser to pretend it is another browser (for instance, Mozilla Firefox) when accessing the site.

A few sites show a diverse version of their UI, relying on whether you are accessing them from an old or a new browser, and that’s what we’ll take benefit of in our example. There’re numerous similar extensions also available. In the Chrome browser, you can install User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome or User-Agent Switcher for Chrome. In this example, we are going to use the second one.

  • Enter in the address bar for accessing the web player UI. Sign in to the Spotify account. See that you’ll be taken to it’s the new UI. Suffer through this just for a bit.
  • Click extension in the Chrome extension bar for selecting the user agent string. We are utilizing Firefox 33 on Windows, but you can attempt to switch to others if it does not work for you.
  • Enter in the address bar > hit Enter. The old interface ought to greet you in its complete glory.

If you are still stuck with its new UI, try to reload the Spotify Premium APK web player, restarting the browser, or choosing some other user agent string. If nothing works, contemplate installing some other web browser extension or utilizing a different browser.


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