How Does VPS Hosting Impact Page Speed?


Speed is an essential characteristic of desirable hosting services. It determines the fluidity of the ultimate user experience. Since the hosting platform has a big share in a website’s performance, the choice of your hosting solution will affect your website’s page speed. A VPS Hosting Server is the perfect hosting platform that offers maximum speed at affordable prices. Before looking at how VPS impacts page speed, let’s understand what page speed is and why it is so important.

What is Page Speed?

Simply put, page speed is the amount of time a web page takes to fully load in a user’s browser. This is often confused with site speed. But site speed is different and covers the performance of the entire website, which include multiple pages. But a page speed considers the speed of only one page, mostly the home page.

A website’s page load speed is dependent on many factors, such as its contents and how well that content is optimised for delivery. E.g., heavy images and untidy coding will drastically reduce page load speed. Similarly, a web hosting platform is also instrumental in determining page speed.

Why is it important?

In the world of fast devices and faster Internet connections, a slow website is inexcusable. It negatively impacts the user experience. A frustrated user is unlikely to visit a slow website again. In this case, the bad first impression can become a lasting impression. If you want more users to visit your website, you must ensure that your website’s pages load within three seconds, regardless of their content.

Studies have shown that almost 40% of users do not wait for more than three seconds for a page to load before abandoning it. When we take into account the number of Internet users, that becomes a big number. It increases the website’s bounce rate and also impacts its SEO efforts. Going deeper, it also affects the website’s conversion rate.  Imagine an eCommerce platform losing those many users!

How does VPS Hosting impact Page Speed?

Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting is a performance-oriented hosting service that’s available at affordable prices. A VPS Server’s price is very reasonable considering the features it offers. A VPS with cPanel is an ideal setup for a high-traffic website. One of the biggest advantages of VPS Servers is their scalability. A VPS Hosts a single website in a virtualised hosting environment. Though many such virtual servers may reside on a single physical server, each one has its own share of exclusive resources.

This exclusivity means that websites do not have to share their resources with each other. This fact helps in boosting its overall performance and consequently, page speeds. A website does not have to worry about running out of resources. Even if it does, the hosting provider can add more with a few clicks. This ensures that a website gives a uniform and consistent performance even if it gets a spike in inbound traffic. In short, it is fast, capable, flexible and scalable.

In India, VPS Hosting might be a low-cost hosting option, but it is certainly not a low-performance platform. If you want a fast hosting platform that doesn’t break the bank choose VPS Hosting.

You can also check out the following video to understand how choosing VPS Hosting improves page speed –


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