Inspection Software : Important For Managers


Resco is a 1999-founded IT firm with headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia. As of 2014, the company’s client base has expanded to over a million people and 4000 businesses. Remote Solutions Company is the abbreviation for Resco.

Enterprise Mobility, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Field Service, Customer Relationship Management, Mobile Sales, Customer Experience, Enterprise Security, Salesforce, Mobile Audit and Software inspection are some of its services.

What is software inspection?

The most formal sort of evaluation can be with the help of Inspection software.

They are carried out when the software item satisfies pre-determined exit conditions (e.g., a particular requirement is implemented). Fagan first established the process, including several variants of the following steps: planning, overview, preparation, inspection, reworking, and follow-up.

What is Resco inspection?

To drive each examination, Resco Software inspection creates full dynamic questionnaires and forms with completely customizable design and business logic. Designer, Scheduler, Inspector App, and Analyst are the four components. In 2019, the first official version was published.

How does it work?

RescoSoftwareinspection is a tool that lets you customize each phase of your inspection process:

  • Make bespoke quizzes, dynamic forms, and surveys, among other things.
  • Improve the efficiency of your field staff’s software inspection and evaluate the data obtained – all with a single solution.

How is Resco inspection important for managers?

  • Make processes more efficient, and keep track of the team’s progress and whereabouts.
  • Thanks to faultless and uniform data gathering, this can improve the company’s safety and make smarter judgments.
  • By digitizing all documentation, it may save money and save the environment.
  • Use Resco’s cloud platform or interface with any back end to get up and running in a matter of weeks.

How is Resco Inspection useful for workers?

  • Easy-to-use software for doing Software inspection and keeping track of work (works offline too)
  • Following the completion of forms, reports are generated instantly.
  • With smart forms, it can get more done faster and with fewer errors.
  • Consult colleagues via augmented reality calls and use the app as a guide and documentation.

Which industries can get a benefit from Resco inspection?

It’s completely customizable and may be used in any business. The following are the most common scenarios:

Energy industry

  • A strong digital asset management solution for the energy industry
  • For genuinely difficult situations, a robust solution is required.
  • A mobile app that is adaptable to your needs is at the heart of Resco’s solutions.
  • Resco’s infinite customization possibilities let you create a perfect audit trail.
  • Replace all paper-based procedures with digital checklists, forms, work orders, and reports using an easy-to-use set of software tools and applications to manage assets, tasks, and field workers.

Manufacturing industries:

  • Ruggedized for the shop floor manufacturing inspection app
  • Keep track of what’s going on in production with real-time data and dashboards.
  • The Software inspection Form Designer’s drag-and-drop functionality allows you to digitize your forms and deliver projects in days, with no coding necessary.
  • True adaptability for more efficient day-to-day operations
  • Utilize technology to improve manufacturing.

Property Maintenance Industry

  • Software inspection for entire property maintenance
  • Efficiently and faster
  • To amaze your clients, personalize and brand your reports.
  • Work in basements, boiler rooms, elevators, stairwells, and roofs, among other places.
  • Use Tagged Images to enhance your reporting.
  • Forms for any situation may be quickly created.


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