The Benefits of Converting Documents into PDF


Protecting your information and that of your clients can help reduce the risks of identity theft, hacking, and other cybersecurity attacks. There are many ways to do it: be careful of who you share information with, store and dispose of sensitive data securely, and maintain appropriate security on your devices to name a few.

With all these, one that users easily forget is the added layer of protection that PDF conversion can offer.

What is PDF?

Portable Document Format or PDF is a file format that looks like a printed document that can be viewed, printed, and shared online. It was introduced in the early 1990s a time wherein sharing documents between different computers and operating systems altered their formatting. It resolved this issue by making sure that the person viewing the document, whether it’s an invoice, memo, or monthly report, will see it in the same format that you created.

There are far more ways using a PDF format can benefit you:

Security – The majority of businesses across different industries have shifted to using PDF files mainly because they can be password-protected. It keeps sensitive data secured from hackers and unauthorized access. Moreover, it also allows you to give limited access to users. For example, users can only view files but are unable to edit or print the content.

Integration of Non-Text Elements – PDFs let you maintain visually-appealing layouts by allowing you to integrate different kinds of elements in the file—including images, graphics, 3D-models, hyperlinks, etc.—without compromising its format. It means regardless of where the file is opened, it’s guaranteed to look the same.

Convenience – It can’t be stressed enough that PDF files work on almost all operating systems. They are easy to view and can be shared almost anywhere. Most smart devices today come with built-in apps to view PDF files. You can even use Google Chrome as your default PDF viewer.

Compact – Above all these, another great thing with PDF files is that they can be compressed into a file size that’s easy to share or receive without affecting their quality. It means sending and saving PDFs would take less space in your hard drive and that of the recipient. It’s a great feature that appeals most to businesses that deal with an influx of data on a daily basis.

With all these benefits come a slight drawback. Unless you have access to edit or have a reader where you can make changes to the file, you can’t edit a PDF file. It’s one of the reasons that make PDF a secure file format.

The good news?

There are many free download PDF editor options that you can use online, allowing you to edit the text, images, or other elements within the file. This is particularly helpful when there’s a PDF you need to edit but can’t find the original copy. With these tools, it’s easy to update a PDF file for free—correct typos, change information, etc.

How to Use a Free PDF Editor

A quick search on the Internet will show you a wide range of PDF editing services. However, many of them come with a price. But, browsing a little further on the web and being specific on your search will direct you to free PDF editors online that let you edit, modify text and images, sign your name, and fill out forms. They are readily accessible with your web browser but while it’s the case, not everyone offers the same features.

Some have restrictions on what elements you can edit and others are not as fully equipped as you need them to be. In many cases, they don’t allow you to convert the way you want to, meaning you’re sometimes left with odd formatting styles and unresolved issues.

Therefore, you should look for one that supports all the best features a free PDF editor can offer—one that allows you to change everything on your PDF including texts, fonts, colours, images, and more.

  • Add text and/or comments to a PDF file
  • Erase other elements
  • Merge, split, rotate PDFs
  • Convert files to a PDF format and vice versa
  • Fill out a PDF form

On top of that, it should also allow you to compress the size of your file for easy sharing online on social media with your team. These software services are designed so that editing PDF files no longer has to be such a hassle.

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