3 Ways Technology Can Make Life Easier For Your Elderly Loved One


While getting older is never really easy, if your elderly loved one is able to make use of some of the technological advancements that have been introduced over the last few decades, they just might find that some of the hardest parts about growing old can be mitigated and minimized. 

To help you and the seniors in your life see how this can be possible, here are three ways technology can make life easier for your elderly loved one. 

Make Use Of Virtual Assistants

If your elderly loved one lives in an assisted living facility or has someone around to take care of them, they might not feel like they really need a virtual assistant. But for those who are living on their own or spend a lot of time by themselves, making use of a virtual assistant can make life easier. 

With a virtual assistant, your elderly loved one can set reminders for themselves, keep track of their personal lists, get in contact with people they love, get news updates, take in media, and so much more. And because many older people have a hard time maneuvering their way around their smartphones or other devices, being able to access all kinds of apps and tech using their voice can be a great improvement in their life. 

Staying Social

As it gets harder and harder for older people to stay mobile, or if they’re worried about maintaining social distance from their friends and family members, using technology to help make these connections can become a new favorite pastime. 

Whether your loved one wants to send emails to their friends, check on peoples’ social media pages and profiles, send out text messages to check in, or video chat with their loved ones all over the world, technology can make this possible. Just so long as your loved one either knows how to make these connections on their own or can accept and respond to outreach sent their way, it can now be easier than ever to remain social from their own home

Fall Detection

Technology has also made life safer for seniors, both with home and personal security. 

One of the biggest hazards for the elderly is falling. And with smart watches or other fall detection and alert devices, if a fall happens to your elderly loved one, they can quickly and easily request the help they need. And because these devices are now so inconspicuous, they don’t even need to feel embarrassed about wearing them. 

If your elderly loved one isn’t already taking advantage of the various pieces of tech mentioned above in order to help keep them safe and live a happier and more fulfilling life, consider helping them make some of these changes and step into the future. 


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