5 tips to improve the SEO of your website


Having a good organic positioning has become one of the priorities for the businesses that operate on the web. Its importance acquires a decisive role in the case of ecommerce, since the network is the main channel of communication with its target audience. Planning appropriate marketing strategies, as well as using seo tools will allow us to achieve a good web positioning and, as a consequence, improve the visibility of our website. In this article Google SEO Coach Singapore shares some tips that we can put into practice to improve the SEO positioning of our website.

Keyword Search

Without a doubt, one of the main steps that we must follow to position our website is to write the contents taking into account a series of guidelines. For that, the first thing is to establish the keywords or keywords that best identify our website. For this, it is enough to do a search of the most important or determining concepts. Currently there are specialized tools that allow custom searches. Once we know what the keywords are, we must introduce them strategically throughout the content of the text in the most natural way possible. We must not forget that many people distrust repetitive or poorly written texts.

Optimize content

As a general rule, the length of the texts should not be less than 400 words or exceed 850. This is a key factor if we want to capture the attention of readers. Similarly, it may be advisable to include links of interest to Internet users. However, link integration must be done in moderation.

The construction of the titles will also be a factor that we must pay attention to, always trying to establish phrases between 30 and 60 characters approximately that clearly and precisely detail the content of the text.

Include graphic content

The latest marketing trends warn about the importance of adding images or videos with the contents of the web. Each time the search engines are more visual and it is possible that our website achieves a better positioning if it integrates graphic elements of good quality.

Develop interesting information

Undoubtedly, a fundamental point to get our website to improve its organic positioning is to generate information of interest to users. If our website contains texts that are of interest to Internet users, they will be responsible for disseminating them and we may gain visits through links from other websites. Also, we must not forget that it is necessary to keep the page updated.

Adapt the web structure

On the other hand, it is important to pay attention to the architecture of the website. For that, a design is necessary that allows both search engines and users to find the information they want easily. Also, a factor that we must take into account when preparing the website is the template used. Often, models created in advance are used that may not be ideal for the characteristics of some businesses. A good idea is to go to professionals who can advise us about the construction of the web.


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