A Look at Some of the Incredible Technological Breakthroughs That Have Redefined Industries


The previous generation was a witness to some of the epoch-making inventions in technology like televisions, computers, Internet, telephones, etc. These inventions have altered the lives of almost every human being living on planet earth, facilitating every aspect of our lives. There were still a lot of areas in technology which remained unexplored in the 20th century. This dearth has now been removed in our 21st century.

Drastic Evolution of Technology and recent Advancements:

Above mentioned are the changes in technology which the previous generation saw and benefitted a lot from them. Our generation is experiencing even bigger and mightier inventions in technology that are redefining human existence and giving us a different perspective on life. Following are some of the latest revolutionary breakthroughs in technology:

Ø  Gene Therapy 2.0

As you may know, there are many different genetically inherited diseases, and some aren’t even curable. These diseases include infertility, abnormalities in the foetus, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. Out of these, the Gene Therapy 2.0, discovered in the USA, is successfully tried and tested to treat some of the above diseases like arthritis, infertility, abnormalities in a new born child, etc. Although there are Organ Transplant and Bone Marrow transplant already in function, they are believed to carry foreign parasites in your DNA which is a major drawback. Gene Therapy 2.0 is a genuine alteration in your DNA by infusing nucleic acid into your cells. Unfortunately, this technology has not yet been approved.

Ø  Machine Learning

Machine learning refers to the phenomenon where a computer learns to program and function by itself by certain predefined algorithms. It sounds simple, but it is a very complex and intricate process. In simple language, usually, a computer runs on software which is nothing but programs crafted by programmers. As an extension to this, Machine learning removes the requirement of a programmer and enables a computer to “learn” these programs all by itself by various algorithms. Machine Learning has monumental implications in Biology, Statistical Data Analysis, Genetics, Physics, etc. fields.

Ø  Artificial Intelligence

When a machine carries out cognitive function as a human being, it is called as Artificial Intelligence (AI), as opposed to the Natural Intelligence that we humans have. AI is kind of like the origin of Machine Learning. AI was originally conceptualized in the early 1960s but has only become possible in the 21st Century. It involves a machine carrying out all humanly functions like observing, perceiving, thinking, deducing, comparing, etc. This has ultimately given birth to Robotics, Machine Learning, etc. other technology.

Ø  Hot Solar Cells

The conventional Photovoltaic Solar Cells are known to be eco-friendly, but silicon is very expensive and relatively inefficient in its size, i.e., a greater proportion is needed to ensure efficiency. As an alternative to this, recently American scientists from MIT have developed a prototype cell based on Thermo-photovoltaics, which ensures 200% more absorption of heat from sun rays, as compared to the normal Photovoltaic cells.

Debt related woes of youth with a solution:

Traditionally, the habit of saving something every time you earn and spending your earnings wisely were the two key principles followed by every person from the earning class. But now, the millennial generation is seen to do something exactly opposite. They are spending almost everything they earn, even borrowing to spend money on stuff. This has led to a debt-ridden youth in the current scenario. As a result, some people borrow beyond their repayment capacity and then suffer the repercussions.


Thus, you have observed that Technology is an inseparable part of our lives. We are surrounded by technology wherever we go and whatever we do. This technology is constantly evolving only for our good. While our previous generation saw many epic inventions like Television, Computers, and Telephones to name a few, our generation is witnessing even bigger inventions like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. All these advancements state that our technological future is going to be a bright one indeed.




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