A world of connections – Routers


Today, a world without connections is a mundane world. We gain countless benefits from the internet as it makes the toughest task easy for us. IOT (the Internet of things) has indeed become a requirement of living. No industry or organization keep can help themselves away from its wonders. When you use the internet, you need it limitless. The internet is created by the networks connected all together and each network passing data to one another. A router makes the job much easier.

A router, what is it?

A router has a dedicated software and hardware so that the data forwarding task could be done with ease. For effective work, you need to connect the router with two contrasting internet connections as the main function of a router is to transfer data from a network to another. Normally, it is connected between two LAN’s or WAN’s or also a LAN and ISP’s network.

A WIFI router doesn’t necessarily need the internet access, but when it is connected to a modem and then later connected to any other device, it can then provide internet access for the devices connected to it. It does not need a CABLE to be connected to it.

The benefits of a router

  • A WIFI router provides better connections and a good quality wireless internet connection.
  • A router provides connection of different network such as Token Ring and Ethernet – the most common network connection for small areas.
  • A router chooses the best path through which the data can be transferred across the internetwork using the Dynamic Routing system performing the job more effective as the router is responsible for every activity.
  • WIFI routers are protected by WIFI Protected Setup, i.e., WPS; you just have to add the compatible devices or devices that could access the use of the router. Yet WPA2 is highly recommended as are asked to set up a network password for the device. But the system would work only if the device supports WPA2.

Types of WI-FI routers

  1. Unsecured Routers
  2. Secure Routers
  3. WIFI routers for small areas or home use.
  4. WIFI routers for complexed areas.

When you look for a WIFI router, you need to know exactly which would suit your place well. Be updated with every type in terms of quality, utility, and price. Visit this URL to fetch the best one in the market.


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