Adopting the cloud can help reduce your business costs


Findings show that 95% of businesses are utilising the cloud, adopting elements of it (RightScale), whether that’s for storage, application or even infrastructure hosting. The key reasons cited for moving to the cloud included flexibility, reduced operational costs and scalability (Cloud Industry Forum).

Unfortunately many barriers exist, preventing businesses from moving their entire IT infrastructures into the cloud – 63% of Chief Information Officers plan to do this at some point in the future (Oracle). A lack of understanding around the benefits of the cloud is a big stumbling block, whilst shadow IT purchases – where software and IT systems are purchased without the consent or knowledge of the IT team – also present a significant challenge.

Take a look at this infographic from TSG, a UK IT support specialist, highlights the key benefits of moving to the cloud, and breaks down some of the jargon surrounding the cloud, demystifying terms like ‘hybrid’, ‘public’ and ‘private’ clouds.


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