Advantages of Using Chatbots


If you are an online business owner and have ever thought about using a chatbot then now is the time to do so. Not only do customers love them but they are also very effective.

Chatbots make businesses more accessible, personalized, and responsive to customers’ preferences and wants. Both you and your customers will benefit from the use of chatbots.

The following are the advantages of using chatbots from a site like ConvertoBot:

Welcome Message Delivery

Chatbots can automatically deliver welcome messages to new and repeat customers. The messages will not only grab their attention but will also make them feel more comfortable on your site.

Studies show that people in a good mood are more likely to make a purchase. The welcome message sets a tone for the rest of the user’s shopping experience on your site.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Some customers abandon their shopping carts in the middle of their purchase process for varied reasons. Many of them never return to make the purchase.

If you use a chatbot, the user can be reminded of their abandoned cart as soon as they log on to your website. This should significantly increase your sales and conversion rates.

Lead Generation

You can collect more leads using a chatbot especially when you are offline. You can program the chatbot to ask customers for their contact information whenever they have a query you cannot immediately answer.

You can then use the contacts as leads for your own sales and marketing purposes.

Answer FAQs

When you purchase chatbot services for your site, you get an automated way to answer frequently asked questions on your website. Most of the questions asked by customers on the site are similar and you can give them an opportunity to answer the query as soon as you send them a welcome message.

You spare users the arduous process of browsing your site’s help page for the right information. The sooner users on your site can find what they need, the sooner they can complete a purchase.

Check Order Status

You can program your site’s chatbot with a feature that allows users to be able to view their order status directly from the chat. The ability to check the order status during a conversation will increase the level of customer experience on the site.

Such a feature would be especially important if there were any issues with the customer’s order. They can check their order status while simultaneously sorting out the issue.

Offer Product/Service Information

A unique advantage to using a chatbot is the ability it affords you to apprise new and existing customers of discounts and special offers. You can actually influence customers’ buying behavior through this feature.

You should offer product information to the user while they are on a similar page which makes them more likely to take advantage of the opportunity. You can redirect customers to special offer pages or pages that show them how they can use the site to save money on purchases.

By gaining information about offers they did not know about, they will use the chatbot more regularly and buy more products which are on offer. They not only save but also increase your conversion rates and hence sales.


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