Different Kinds of Lighting in Nightclubs

Many people associate nightclubs with empty, dark spaces and a central lighting system. But, the fact is that there are many considerations that go into choosing nightclub lighting and it is considered one of the most exciting aspects of commercial lighting. Office lighting is designed to be clean and bright, but different kinds of lighting is used in nightclubs. Therefore, lighting budgets are often more than $500,000. Some of the different types of lighting used in nightclubs are:

  • Recessed Lighting

There are small private and communal areas in nightclubs where people can escape to when they want to take a break from the dancing. These recesses or sub-rooms have functional colored lights that don’t break the overall atmosphere and still provide good visibility.

  • Indirect Lighting

Lightboxes for images or posters and backlit signage is done with indirect lighting in a nightclub. This type of lighting can also be used for exercising some design flair.

  • Surface-mounted Lighting

As the name suggests, this kind of nightclub lighting refers to fixed placed lights, such as wall sconces, fake table lamps or pendant lighting that drops down from the ceiling. Pendant lighting is often used by nightclubs for creating the grid effect that defines the dance floor and creates different areas.

  • Accent Lighting

Also known as step lighting, strip lighting or under bar lighting this type of lighting is very important in a nightclub. Step lighting highlights the steps, bar lighting highlights the bar and strip lighting provides clear paths to fire exits.

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