Evaluating Directories for Dropshipping Wholesalers


Dropshipping has made starting a business easier than ever. With the growth of platforms like Shopify, eBay, Amazon, and other online retail platforms, starting an online dropshipping shop can be achieved by just anybody. However, the success of such a businesses depends on the quality of your wholesalers. But, where do you find quality and reputable dropshipping wholesalers?

  1. AliExpress/Alibaba

The two sites, Alibaba and AliExpress provide access to a wide range of dropshipping wholesalers. On one hand, Alibaba is like eBay for getting wholesalers in Asia. The site is effective, but may not be ideal for beginners as most of the wholesalers have no websites and do not speak English. On the other hand, AliExpress is a sister site of Alibaba that offers a great alternative to Alibaba. You get access to affordable wholesalers and security for transactions.

  1. com

SaleHoo is an online directory for suppliers and manufacturers. Based in New Zealand, the site provides one of the largest selections of products from wholesalers across the globe. Each supplier is vetted and verified before being listed on SaleHoo to ensure the quality and legitimacy of their products. You can choose a supplier from a list of more than 8,000 vetted suppliers with more than 1.6 million products classified into 75 categories.

  1. Dropship Direct

Dropship Direct comes with a robust directory of more than 900 suppliers, providing more than 100,000 products. Although the range of products may not be as diverse compared to other wholesales directories, the site is excellent for starting and running a dropshipping business. The main attractive features of this directory are excellent backend data feed management and transparency.

  1. Worldwide Brands

If you are looking for the largest and most popular directory for dropshipping wholesalers, then Worldwide Brands is the answer. Founded in 1999, the directory provides a wide range of wholesaler contacts. With more than 8,000 suppliers already vetted and listed on the directory, you are assured of getting a wholesaler than meets the needs of your business. Some of the measures taken by the platform to ensure the legitimacy of the wholesalers include meeting companies at trade shows, testing their products, and visiting their factories.

  1. WholesaleCentral

WholesaleCentral is another older wholesale directory that you can use to find suppliers and wholesalers for your dropshipping business. The directory provides free search functionality and you can contact any supplier that meets the needs of your business. Another benefit of using the platform is that it does not require any registration fees to access the database. The cost is covered by wholesalers who are charged to be listed on the directory.

  1. Inventory Source

Another useful resource for finding dropshipping wholesalers is Inventory Source. This is a dropshipping service software which provides a robust inventory to choose frontend and backend management features. The software is easily integrated into the major dropshipping and eCommerce sites like Shopify. You can choose suppliers that fit your niche from the selection of more than 100 suppliers and more than 1 million products.


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