Farmhouse Lighting Ideas That Can Offer Rustic Appeal to Your Home


If you are planning to install chandeliers at home or other such building, then you can go with the rustic chandeliers. They are available in many options and will surely offer a sense of farmhouse décor to your home, when you install them in your home.

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There are many options for you, when it comes to rustic chandeliers and are listed below.

  • Shabby Chic Iron Chandelier

This chandelier type is available with the option to place 6 candles around it. It is best suited for the dining area, as it will offer uniform light for the table. You can enjoy candle light dinner with your loved one under this chandelier type.

  • ELK Lighting Farmhouse Pendant

These chandeliers are designed in the shape of the bells and are ideal for kitchen top lighting systems. You can install a bulb in this chandelier type and can adjust the length with which the bell flows above your kitchen top. It is designed with the pulley system and this antique piece will surely add a rustic feeling to your kitchen.

  • Capital Lighting Oneal Bath Vanity Light

As the name says, this rustic lighting system is best suited for the mirror lighting system. It is available with the option to install 3 bulbs in it and will surely add a sense of rustic feeling, every time you light the bathroom mirror lights.

  • Pulley with an Option to Install 2 Bulbs

As the name says, this chandelier system is provided with the option to install two bulbs on either side of it, and the whole unit is connected with a pulley in the middle. You can either adjust the bulbs at the same length or can let the bulbs hang in a higher and lower option.

  • Pulley Hanging Rustic Lighting System

The lighting system is designed with a pulley hanging system. It will surely offer a sense of countryside feeling, when you install it anywhere in your house. The best place to install this lighting system is in bedrooms or the porch area.

  • Savoy House Madeliane Lighting System

If you are looking for a stand-alone lighting system in your dining area, then this lighting system is an excellent choice. It is designed with the option of 9 bulb installations and covers the dimension of 31 inches.

  • Rustic and Beautiful Wooden Pendant

As the name says, this chandelier is designed with wood and can hold up to 10 candles. It is best suited for the roof above the coffee table and will guarantee to offer a rustic charm to the place where it is installed.

You can find many such options when it comes to finding the farmhouse rustic chandeliers. Go through the available options and make the right choice.


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