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Knowing tons about the different kind of vape juices which are available in the market, talking about the different companies such as CBD vape juice is well and all but studies have shown that not many people have knowledge about the types of E-cigarettes in the market. So, in today’s article, we are going to discuss the types of e-smokes.

There are four main types of e-cigarettes, disposable, pen-style mods, box style mods, and mechanical mods. There are many other replaceable units for the mods too but we will not talk about them.


Disposable e-cigarettes are very cheap and easy to use. They are readily available in the market. The disposable e-cigarettes are mostly all in one use and when the battery dies, you throw away the whole thing or there are some replaceable parts of the cigarette which are either refilled or changed.

Pros: Cheap, Comfortable to use, readily available.

Cons: Have weak vapor strength, the batteries die quickly.

Box-style mods

Box style mods of e-cigarette allow the consumer to customize the entire vaping experience. You can make customization in the tanks, the coil, and the entire hardware. This mod is very large in size and has a huge battery and many different wirings. This mod has built-in features which display the temperature, the wattage, and other important stuff.

This mod offers a lot of power than the other mods and usually offers different settings from which the consumer can choose based on their liking and the type of coil and tank which have been utilized. Many newly high-tech box mods also have an added feature which can control the temperature and auto-regulates the power.

Pros: Has the most power in all the e-cig options, create a good amount of vapor, a lot of features, and self-selecting options.

Cons: Is very costly, requires very good caring and regular maintenance, many options so might require some time to make it work better.

Pen-style mods

Pen-style mods are created with the same technology but a bit more advance then a standard disposable electronic cigarette. The general difference is that it is bigger in size. There are many replaceable parts which can allow you to customize the cigarette according to you.

Although the pen-style mods are similar to disposable electric cigarettes, they are strong and produce more vapor than the other standard cigarettes. Pen-style mods can be recharged, using a USB cable. Some new models allow you to swap the battery.

Pros: Has more power, has a longer battery life, customizable according to personal preferences.

Cons: has less power than Box-style mod costs more than disposable ones, need routine maintenance.

Mechanical mods

Mechanical mods are very much the opposite of the box-style e-cigarettes. These mods are great for adequate consumers and not the best one for beginners as they have too much power. They are the most reliable type of e-cigarettes. Their tank is also larger to store more CBD vape oil

Pros: Very stable and longer-lasting, also very simple to use.

Cons: Although it is easy to use, the consumer needs to know the power and vaporization, this mod is also a bit costly, the components can be easily damaged if misused.


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